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Joseph Atwill: Did Caesar invent Jesus?

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Joseph Atwill’s  Caesar’s Messiah argues

“that a Roman imperial family, the Flavians,  created Christianity to pacify the Jews’ rebellion against Rome, and even more incredibly, they placed a literary satire within the Gospels and ‘Wars of the Jews’ to inform posterity of this fact.” 

 It’s an interesting literary reading, whatever its merits as history. Some of the parallels Atwill notes between the Gospels and “Wars of the Jews” do seem uncanny…though it seems to me they could be explained in other ways.

The second edition of “Caesar’s Messiah”, Ulysses Press 2006, became the best selling work of religious history in the US in 2007, and its German translation “Das Messias Ratsel”, Ulstein 2008, achieved #1 Best Seller status.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm not sure that the Roman invention of 'Christianity' means Jesus didn't exist as an historical figure as he appears to be recorded as living and dying in Kashmir at age of around 70yrs. (not 'resurrected' obviously)

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