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Truthers win Super Bowl 43-8!

I’m happy to report that my Super Bowl predictions turned out to be correct. 

No, I didn’t predict the Seattle Seahawks’ victory. But I did correctly prognosticate that there would be no big false flag event at this year’s Super Bowl. You can see that prediction in this week’s Dynamic Duo Weekly News broadcast.

Two weeks before the game, I also predicted that it might be “a 9/11 truth Super Bowl.” This one came true in spades, as 9/11 truth supporter Pete Carroll’s Seahawks upset the favored Denver Broncos in one of the most definitive Super Bowl blow-outs of all time…and then, during the MVP interview, a 9/11 truth-seeker commandeered the microphone!

Check out my new article:

9/11 truth coach wins Super Bowl

Also check out my new Press TV “The Debate”with Zionist Obama shill Lawrence Korb: 

9 Thoughts to “Truthers win Super Bowl 43-8!”

  1. Anonymous

    I go thru the NJ/NYC corridor frequently,
    and there was heavy, heavy armed security on all the bus and rail lines leading up to game time. Think of the Death Star from Star Wars films to get an idea of the police state like atmosphere. Apparently, they even got armed officers from the NJ Department of Corrections to do armed Homeland Security Duty!
    (Overtime pay?) Plus, thousands of undercovers from various Intelligence agencies. Some trains had more undercovers than actual passengers! Just to give an idea, In NYC alone, ."De Blasio To Inherit Massive Counterterror Force In New York City"

  2. Anonymous

    Great piece! I didn’t know Carroll was a patriot (seeing as how the Seahawks kicked ass yesterday God must be on are side, or rather something more powerful that the Jew God), well now we will see how much of a patriot he is but don’t expect to much out of any of these guys who are within the system Dr Barrett. Where as you or I would grab a mike and get busy he will play it safe justifying his timidity by saying to himself “I can do more good by working within the system” the mantra of all the cowardly Americans who have to much for doing absolutely nothing. Football? The adorations of millions is showered upon him while you and I risk assassination with every breath we take. Americans think these guys are some kind of macho heroes, what a joke like Roethlisberger the rapist. Maybe I should do a little piece about how my friend Larry Singleterry slapped around Keyshawn Johnson in the bathroom of the Café Royale a decade ago. But anyway I digress perhaps in the bitterness of my own poverty. Maybe Carroll will surprise me. We will see. I will enjoy being wrong.

  3. Anonymous

    Phenomenal article, Kevin, thank you so much!!!!
    Will share everywhere.

  4. Anonymous

    Hooray! Thanks Kevin! It is encouraging that people that are in the "limelight" are speaking out for 911 truth, hey?

  5. Anonymous

    Folks, 9-11 Truth is not going away. I'm convinced, as are many, that this single treacherous act will lead to the total collapse and downfall of the Dark Cabal.

    So that we thought-leaders are on the same page, i want to remind all that we neither need nor want a "new investigation". Over the years, we've collectively done enough investigation to present our case to a Common Law Grand Jury at the County or State level.

    We've already done the investigation, it's time to subpoena testimony from key suspects.

  6. Anonymous

    Loved it.

    Do you have first hand knowledge of this or just through others?

    It would be great if someone like Carroll reached out to you or others in this movement that have notoriety.
    Thanks and hope you're well.

  7. Anonymous

    Read your article on the 9/11 truth coach in pressTV. Maybe there is justice when an outspoken 9/11 Truther wins the superbowl. God may have played a role, it's about time.
    But like you say the Zionists will probably harass or threaten him. Amazing the others you pointed out who got threatened or killed.

    Will next check on your recent interviews especially Massimo's new film about 9/11.

    I'll nominate you for Kerry's role when things turn around and a just government takes over.

    Keep up your hard work, Kevin

  8. Nasreddin's Donkey

    Hey Kevin, just saw you demolishing the clown on PressTV, well done.

    Regarding the August Ghouta attack, I want you to check out the following summary of evidence pointing to the likely coordinator of that event. We can be more specific than just blaming it on Bandar.

  9. Anonymous

    fantastic, ca c'est une vraie quenelle!!!!!!!!!!!

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