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Chickenhawks Trump, Bolton, Netanyahu terrified of Iran

“So what are we to make of these two evil clowns, with Trump being mostly clown, and Netanyahu being mostly evil?” By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, interviewed by Press TV John Bolton has leaked the manuscript of his new unapproved book about his experiences in the Trump administration. And of course, the top headlines are that Bolton is confirming all these other reports that Trump is incompetent. And also, I think Bolton is echoing earlier reports that the hawkish side of the national security deep state doesn’t find Trump a very good leader, because Trump is not reliable, and his…


US, Israel waging biological warfare on massive scale

By Kevin Barrett, Press TV The Israel-supported group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is pressuring the big pharmaceutical companies to end their Iran business at the exact moment that Iran is the second hardest-hit country by the coronavirus pandemic after China. The group United Against Nuclear Iran has paid John Bolton a quarter of a million dollars, which (money) is coming from Israel, which of course gets that money by raiding the United States Treasury to the tune of well, one estimate published in Christian Science Monitor two decades ago was that Israel had already stolen trillions, literally trillions of dollars.…


FFWN: Bolton Fired on Eve of 9/11 Anniversary (With Guest Commentator E. Michael Jones)

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