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FFWN: Bolton Fired on Eve of 9/11 Anniversary (With Guest Commentator E. Michael Jones)

PSAs 1) Celebrate Bolton’s departure & support FFWN 2) 9/11 Anniversary Events — Watch the Ones You Missed 9/11 Anniversary 3) Most Americans Who See Collapse of Building 7 Doubt Official Story, Survey Finds 4) Explosives used on 9/11 say commissioners 5) Neocon New Republic: 9/11 Brought Orwellian Dystopia, Maybe We Shouldn’t Have Blown Up the WTC 6) Never Forget: Israeli Operatives Masterminded and Committed 9/11 7) Son of Neocon Human Sacrifice Ritual Victim Chants Myth, Chastises Heretics—Offering Undying Support to His Mother’s Killers 8) RT Founder Lesin Was Murdered for Allowing 9/11 Truth—Now They Spew Zionist “Blame and Genocide the…