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BLM: BIGGEST PROTESTS SINCE VIETNAM WAR (I am on BitChute, please subscribe!)

Press TV correspondent Ramin Mazaheri reports from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Veterans Today Editor Kevin Barrett adds commentary, as protests continue following the police shooting of Jacob Blake and subsequent violence. Please subscribe to DrKevinBarrett on Bitchute! Go to scroll down and click “subscribe.”


FFWN: “Reproaching Evildoers” with E. Michael Jones

Broadcasts Saturdays live 11 to noon Eastern on PSAs 1) Help FFWN Reproach Evildoers! 2) Limited Webinar tickets–The 9/11 Truth Film Festival will be ONLINE this year on Sept. 10th 3) Madison WI 9/11 Event: “Remembering 9/11, Reproaching Evildoers” 4) Organizers of August 1st Berlin Demonstration (800k people) planning huge Europe-wide demo Aug. 29 Wisconsin Burning 5) Jacob Blake Shooting: What Happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin? 6) Buildings burned, businesses looted amid protests in Kenosha 7) Jacob Blake case: Madison protests turn to looting, unrest in second night following Kenosha police shooting 8) Teenage Vigilante Accused of Shooting 3, 2…