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FFWN: “Reproaching Evildoers” with E. Michael Jones

Broadcasts Saturdays live 11 to noon Eastern on


1) Help FFWN Reproach Evildoers!

2) Limited Webinar tickets–The 9/11 Truth Film Festival will be ONLINE this year on Sept. 10th

3) Madison WI 9/11 Event: “Remembering 9/11, Reproaching Evildoers”

4) Organizers of August 1st Berlin Demonstration (800k people) planning huge Europe-wide demo Aug. 29

Wisconsin Burning

5) Jacob Blake Shooting: What Happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin?

6) Buildings burned, businesses looted amid protests in Kenosha

7) Jacob Blake case: Madison protests turn to looting, unrest in second night following Kenosha police shooting

8) Teenage Vigilante Accused of Shooting 3, 2 Fatally, in Kenosha

9) Kenosha Victims’ Criminal Histories Not Mentioned in MSM

10) How Chaos in Kenosha Is Already Swaying Some Voters in Wisconsin

Presidential Follies

11) Clinton urges Biden to not concede ‘UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES,’ calls for ‘massive legal op’ in case Trump sees narrow win

12) At the RNC, Rand Paul Is Right About the Need To End Wars, but Trump Hasn’t Ended Any

13) Rats reported feeding on packages of rotted fruit and meat as (TRUMP’S) postmaster general’s cutbacks unleash chaos at California’s mail centers

14) Washington Postal Workers Defy USPS (TRUMP) Orders And Reinstall Mail Sorting Machines

Follow the Money

15) Lockdowns, Coronavirus, and Banks: Following the Money (Tony Hall)

16) “World’s Richest Non-Rothschild” Jeff Bezos Tops $200 Billion


17) “Plandemic Part 2: Indoctrination” Released

18) Anti-vaccine group sues Facebook: accuses censorship and defamation

19) Virginia health chief says he will MANDATE coronavirus vaccine, ‘strongly opposes’ exemptions

20) Van Morrison slams coronavirus “pseudo-science”

21) COVID-19 Is Transmitted Through Aerosols. We Have Enough Evidence, Now It Is Time to Act

22) How 3M Blew Its Reputation on the N95 Mask

Zionist Entity

23) During Pompeo’s Political Stunt (Violating Hatch Act) Israel Follows Up Nuke Attack with White Phosphorus

24) Kamala Harris Pledges Allegiance to Israel

“Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories”

25) The Conspiracy Theory to Rule Them All What explains the strange, long life of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

26) Wiley remains defiantly antisemitic: ‘I’m right, Jews do run the earth’

27) Dr. Ridgley Abdul-Mumin Muhammad of NOIRG on Wiley & Other Censored Black Artists


28) Bipartisan measure introduced in US Congress to condemn QAnon

29) QAnon explained: the antisemitic conspiracy theory gaining traction around the world

30) Robert David Steele Says Trump and Q Have It All Under Control

War Machine

31) Robot Generals Will They Make Better Decisions Than Humans — Or Worse?

32) Guardian (MI6) Admits: The Russia Problem Isn’t Putin, It’s the Red Mafiya

Asteroid Strikes

33) Oh, great: NASA says an asteroid is headed our way right before Election Day

34) The University of Arizona says it caught a dorm’s covid-19 outbreak before it started. Its secret weapon: Poop.

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