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In Which Rolf Lindgren and Robert David Steele Try to Convince Me to Support Trump

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First 20 minutes: Rolf Lindgren, 79th Assembly District Representative of the Republican Party of Dane County, Wisconsin, discusses the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha; why we should all support and vote for Donald J. Trump; and two upcoming Madson, Wisconsin events:

This Saturday, Sept. 20 at 5:30 p.m., Helbach’s Coffee Roasters is having a going away party. They are being shut down by the local government for refusing to enforce the mask mandate.

Then on Friday, September 11, at 6 pm, a group of us will be gathering at  Garner (Harrison) Park to commemorate 9/11. Major-party political candidates, including a congressional candidate, will be there. Additionally, we are expecting a survivor with an amazing story to go public for the first time.

Final 35 minutes: Former CIA officer Robert David Steele asks me “Where’s US going culturally over the next 90 days to 4 years?” (Watch the video version HERE). I explain that political liberalism—the doctrine that society should protect each individual’s private pursuit of happiness, without any shared vision of God or the good — is in crisis. The collapse of American democratic-republican liberalism, exemplified by the JFK and 9/11 coups, is accelerating. The complete collapse of liberalism (and with it our Constitutional freedoms) looms, and could happen from the left or the right. COVID-19, which appears to have emerged from a US-Israeli bioweapons strike on China and Iran, could be the catalyst for such a calamitous transformation. If so, it would fulfill the expectations of Strauss & Howe, whose generational cycles theory predicts a horrific war and collapse of the social order around 2020.

Robert David Steele says don’t worry, Trump and Q have it all under control.

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