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War on “conspiracy theories” goes ballistic! Gordon Duff shows his guns on False Flag Weekly News

Watch False Flag Weekly News above, and click HERE for links to the stories By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Our top FFWN story this week was the war on “conspiracy theories.” (Read my new Unz Review article “Why the War on Conspiracy Theories Is Bad Public Policy.”) Alan Sabrosky was the scheduled FFWN commentator this week. But less than 24 hours before the live broadcast, he says, “my internet basically died. When my email from Comcast finally connected, I got a huge slew of 300 messages that I had deleted last summer. When I would try to log in, it…


Linh Dinh on “Endless Culture War”

Listen HERE Linh Dinh is one of America’s best writers. He is now living in Dak Lak, Vietnam, working as a foreman in his brother-in-law’s plastics recycling plant. Read about life in Dak Lak, among other things, in Linh’s new article “Endless Culture War.” How did Linh get unofficially expelled from the American literary scene? “It happened step by step. I didn’t support Obama live everybody else. I’m not a Democrat, not a Republican—I’m neither. So it started there. And then I’d talk about 9/11. And I wrote articles about the Bin Laden assassination. I thought it was nonsense. There…


Elizabeth Woodworth on “9/11 Unmasked” (her new book with David Ray Griffin)

Listen HERE Elizabeth Woodworth is the co-author (with David Ray Griffin) of 9/11 Unmasked: An International Review Panel Investigation. Sociology prof Edward Curtin has called it “the definitive book on the defining event of the 21st century.” Alongside Curtin’s outstanding review, we must also mention the extraordinary review by another professor, Philip Roddis, who had always scoffed at the 9/11 truth movement until 9/11 Unmasked fell into his hands.  (Dr. Griffin himself has published an appreciation of Roddis’s review.) In this interview Elizabeth Woodworth and I discuss the Consensus Panel’s methodology and why it is important; which issues were easy or…