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Professor Anthony Hall: We Need Free Speech on Coronavirus

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Anthony Hall, Professor Emeritus of Globalization Studies (University of Lethbridge) and editor of American Herald Tribune, is the author of a brand-new six-part series on Wuhan virus “conspiracy theories” and free speech: [Complete article] [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]

Mainstream media have used the Wuhan coronavirus crisis as a cudgel to bash China. The main talking point: China’s authoritarian system, with its restrictions on free communications and freedom of the press, has supposedly impeded an effective response to the pandemic. Yet these same MSM outlets have also tried to restrict the debate—by labeling uncensored speech on the subject “conspiracy theories” that are likened to a dangerous virus that needs to be quarantined.

In this interview Anthony Hall discusses his terrific new six-part series on coronavirus “conspiracy theories” and free speech. He notes that the coronavirus crisis has become a convenient pretext for ramping up internet censorship—and that the mainstream media that endlessly harp on Western “freedom” versus Chinese “authoritarianism” are themselves often the worst enemies of free speech, as exemplified by the coordinated attack on American Herald Tribune by mockingbird presstitutes embedded in CNN and The Washington Post.




One Thought to “Professor Anthony Hall: We Need Free Speech on Coronavirus”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    “He anticipated a possible 60 per cent infection rate of the world’s entire population with deaths numbering in the many tens of millions.”

    Why are we supposed to consider the possible disappearance of so many useless eaters – only concerned with their food, their comfort, their carnal desires, their jobs, their noisy obnoxious children, their entertainment…etc – as a calamity ?.

    Maybe this planet is in need of a little purge to lighten its burden of so many cruel and selfish assholes walking on it. Once dead, they will be more useful to the planet – thanks to their decomposing corpse – than 80 years or more of having been alive.

    For example, there was this island used as a testing ground for atomic weapons (ie : fascination with destruction). They banned humans from it for so many years. As a consequence, it recovered very well and became lush with beautiful marine life and corals. Unfortunately – because of that – humans returned and it became a coveted diving site.

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