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New First-Strike Threat: US deploys submarine-launched low-yield nuclear weapon in Atlantic

The US is surrounding Russia, China, and Iran with first-strike weapons. What could possibly go wrong? Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor The United States has announced the deployment of a new long-range nuclear missile aboard its stealth submarines to deter what it calls Washington’s potential adversaries. The US Department of Defense claimed in a statement on Tuesday that the low-yield warhead was deployed on the USS Tennessee submarine patrolling in the Atlantic Ocean to deter “potential adversaries, like Russia,” and in response to Russian tests of similar weapons. “This supplemental capability strengthens deterrence and provides the United…


FFWN: Crimea Bloodbath: False Flags and the New Cold War

Crimea Bloodbath: False Flags and the New Cold War CONTRADICTIONS IN RUSSIAN MEDIA – TERROR SUSPECT IDENTIFIED AS VLADISLAV ROSLYAKOV Crimea bloodbath: College attack involved masked gunmen shooting at people witnesses tell RT Kerch attack suspect identified as college student killed himself – Crimea head Kerch Shooter Said to Have Identified with Movement for Ukrainian Independence. How a series of deadly Russian apartment bombings in 1999 led to Putin’s rise to power Doomsday Clock Ticks Towards Midnight Trump: U.S. to withdraw from arms treaty with Russia Gorbachev: Trump’s move to quit INF is ‘narrow-minded’…