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Netanyahu Announces “Final Solution to Antisemitism Problem”

Dissociated Press Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, flanked by tag-team partners “Butcher” Ben Gvir and “Smite-’em” Smotrich, announced at a press conference this morning that the Israeli government has officially embarked on “a final solution to the anti-Semitism problem.” “The problem with anti-Semitism,” Netanyahu explained, “is that there isn’t nearly enough of it. Despite Judaism’s 3000-year history of hatred and persecution of non-Jews, there are still billions of goyim out there who don’t hate us. So when we kvetch about anti-Semitism and demand things in return, like reparations money and tolerance for genocide, there just isn’t enough anti-Semitism out there…


Bill Gates: “COVID Vaccines Are The Final Solution.” ADL: “That’s Anti-Semitic!”

Dissociated Press The Anti-Defecation League has demanded that Bill Gates apologize for calling COVID vaccines “the Final Solution.” At a press conference in Basel, Switzerland, ADL chief Jonathan Greenbutt read a prepared statement flaying Gates for his insensitivity to  Jewish suffering.  “There is only one Final Solution,” Greenbutt intoned, “and that is the sacred six-million-victim big-H Holocaust. If Bill Gates thinks he can erase the memory of Hitler’s six million Jewish victims by killing six billion people and calling that the Final Solution, he needs to know that he’s shall I put it…anti-Semitic.” Greenbutt explained that the ADL owns the…


Final Solution to Israel’s Jewish Problem

Watch the bowdlerized YouTube version of FFWN above, or the full uncensored show HERE By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Israel has a problem. A Jewish problem. A very Jewish problem. Israel is having difficulty figuring out who’s Jewish and who isn’t. And that’s a problem. Because it’s important. Those deemed “Jews” get rights, the others get left out. For example, Israel won’t let its gold medalist Artem Dolgopyat get married. Why not? Because the Chief Rabbinate says he isn’t Jewish. Dolgopyat’s dad is Jewish. But his mom is not. According to the Rabbinate, you need a Jewish mother to…