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Bill Gates: “COVID Vaccines Are The Final Solution.” ADL: “That’s Anti-Semitic!”

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The Anti-Defecation League has demanded that Bill Gates apologize for calling COVID vaccines “the Final Solution.”

At a press conference in Basel, Switzerland, ADL chief Jonathan Greenbutt read a prepared statement flaying Gates for his insensitivity to  Jewish suffering.  “There is only one Final Solution,” Greenbutt intoned, “and that is the sacred six-million-victim big-H Holocaust. If Bill Gates thinks he can erase the memory of Hitler’s six million Jewish victims by killing six billion people and calling that the Final Solution, he needs to know that he’s shall I put it…anti-Semitic.”

Greenbutt explained that the ADL owns the trademark to the expression Final Solution. “And you know what? It ain’t for sale! Not at any price! Well…at least not at any price lower than a couple of trillion smackaroos. And I doubt if Billy boy is going to cough up that much any time soon.”

Greenbutt formally requested that Gates apologize: “He needs to kiss my kosher tush, say he’s really, really sorry, and mail us a check for no less than six billion dollars or six point six six percent of his net worth, whichever is larger. In return we’ll drop our copyright infringement lawsuit, stop putting out press releases calling him an anti-Semite, and refrain from distributing certain pictures taken on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express.”

Bill Gates, who has been extremely busy working on a plan to build gigantic shower rooms where people can be herded together for mass vaccinations, could not be reached for comment.



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