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TSA Tips for Travelers: Or, How to Stop Worrying and Love Letting Us Touch Your Junk

[Note: TruthJihad blog always attempts to prevent a fair and balanced view of issues related to the War on Terror. In order to do so, we occasionally invite contributions from those whose views we would ordinarily oppose. Today, due to widespread public rage against TSA groping and naked body scanners, we felt obliged to invite the TSA to respond.] TSA Tips for Travelers: Or, How to Stop Worrying and Love Letting Us Touch Your Junk Guest blog post by Vora Rephilia, Assistant Pubic Relations Officer, Transportation Security Administration Greetings, travelers! We at the Transportation Security Administration are dedicated to making…


Debunking 9/11 Dad-Debunking

Leading 9/11 untruther Cass Sunstein says the government should try to stop the spread of 9/11 “conspiracy theories” by infiltrating 9/11 truth groups. Well, it looks like my family has been infiltrated! A certain 13-year-old who calls himself Young Debunka has been fostering beneficial cognitive diversity in our family by attempting to refute what he takes as my arguments about 9/11. So, after wandering for years like Diogenes with his lamp, looking for an intelligent person willing to defend the official version of 9/11 in a debate, it looks like I’ve finally found one! Boy, has it been a long…


Gaza Flotilla Hero Ken O’Keefe Speaks Out for 9/11 Truth AND Monetary Truth

Meet Ken O’Keefe, the Gaza Flotilla hero who appears equally adept at physically disarming murderous Israeli commandos and verbally vanquishing rabidly Zionist BBC interviewers.  Ken will be serving as Master of Ceremonies at the upcoming Debunking the War on Terror symposium in London on July 14th, where he will join me, Gilad Atzmon, and Jim Fetzer in laying waste to the myth of GWOT.   When he joined me on The Kevin Barrett Show Tuesday, Ken went on the record for 9/11 truth and monetary truth: (listen to archived interview) 14:00  Barrett: I woke up to that at the same time…