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Gaza Flotilla Hero Ken O’Keefe Speaks Out for 9/11 Truth AND Monetary Truth

Meet Ken O’Keefe, the Gaza Flotilla hero who appears equally adept at physically disarming murderous Israeli commandos and verbally vanquishing rabidly Zionist BBC interviewers.  Ken will be serving as Master of Ceremonies at the upcoming Debunking the War on Terror symposium in London on July 14th, where he will join me, Gilad Atzmon, and Jim Fetzer in laying waste to the myth of GWOT.   When he joined me on The Kevin Barrett Show Tuesday, Ken went on the record for 9/11 truth and monetary truth:

(listen to archived interview)

14:00  Barrett: I woke up to that at the same time I woke up to the fact that the official version of 9/11 is shot full of holes, to say the least. Did you have a similar awakening (after 9/11)?

O’Keefe: I’d already known about Project for a New American Century even when 9/11 was happening… On 9/11 it looked to me like pre-WW2 Nazi Germany,  it looked like a nation being taken for a ride on a complete manipulation,  an event based on falsities–caricatures of terrorists, and the real terrorist was from within.  And to me the American Stars and Stripes looked like swastikas flying all over the place, a people who knew not where they were being led, and those of us who were really aware of what was going on, it was all laid out very well in the Project for a New American Century (“Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” published September 2000). They said exactly where they were going. They were going to Afghanistan, and they were going to go to Iraq…My awakening was in years previous to (9/11), and I came to realize that virtually everything we were being told was a lie.


It’s not up to presidents, it’s not up to the UN, it’s not up to any of these so-called leaders. To be honest with you, I don’t think they have any power at all. The real power probably is revealed by…well, didn’t we give one trillion dollars to the bankers last year or the year before? Why did we give one trillion dollars to the bankers? Why do the   banking families get to print all the money, and then charge us interest on that money? I would argue that those guys probably have one hell of a lot of power. If you can print money yourself…and trillions and trillions have gone missing from the US treasury over decades…Imagine, if you could print money yourself, can you imagine what you could achieve? I know I could get a lot done if I just had a million dollars! I could get a lot done with that! Can you imagine having trillions or, billions anyway? That’s exactly where you see the real power, with the bankers, not with Barack Obama. If Obama threatened the bankers like John F. Kennedy did, when he said he would abolish the Federal Reserve and found himself dead a few months later — if Obama ever thinks of doing anything like I can assure you that he’ll end up in the same place. Spo I think there’s another truth, and it’s going to be a difficult one to acknowledge…

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  1. June 29, 2010

    Kevin Barrett speaks with Kenneth O’Keefe who is one of the survivors of the Israeli attack on the humanitarian group sailing towards Gaza.

  2. Thanks for the link, radio du jour. It's great to be able to download the .mp3! Ken O'Keefe is someone I don't want to miss.

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