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Dean Radin – America’s best-known psi researcher

Note: Prior to Tuesday, this show will be exclusively available to subscribers to ! It will be publicly broadcast Tuesday, August 27th, 11 to noon Central, (archived here). Dean Radin is Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and the author of the best available books on the science of psi – including the brand-new Supernormal (reviewed here by yours truly). As I said in my review: “Psi – paranormal psychic abilities- is a taboo topic in some quarters, just like 9/11 truth and the JFK-RFK-MLK-Wellstone assassinations and the bankster families’ covert dictatorship. “Is there a pattern here?…


Book Review: Dean Radin’s “Supernormal” could (and should) destroy the dominant Western paradigm

Listen to my new interview with Dean Radin: by Kevin Barrett In today’s environment of information overload, how do we decide which issues to investigate? One answer – the one that makes most sense to me – is to focus on controversies charged with the potential for paradigm shift. These are critically-important issues featuring a sharp and potentially shocking conflict between the data – or “actual reality” if you will – and mainstream consensus reality. Read the whole book review at


Everything You Know Is Wrong: Top Ten 9/11 Truth Re-Thinks

Some people say “9/11 truth ends war.” Others, the impolite ones, say “9/11 truth ends Israel.” But what 9/11 truth really ends – and what really needs to be put out of its misery – is stale, conventional thinking. War, as Gwynn Dyer put it, is just a “lethal custom.” We do it because it’s customary, not because it is a particularly good idea to train young men to be mass murderers, dress them up in uniforms and turn them loose to use ever-more-lethal weapons on their fellow human beings and our shared environment. To end war, we need to…