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Book Review: Dean Radin’s “Supernormal” could (and should) destroy the dominant Western paradigm

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by Kevin Barrett

In today’s environment of information overload, how do we decide which issues to investigate?

One answer – the one that makes most sense to me – is to focus on controversies charged with the potential for paradigm shift. These are critically-important issues featuring a sharp and potentially shocking conflict between the data – or “actual reality” if you will – and mainstream consensus reality.

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3 Thoughts to “Book Review: Dean Radin’s “Supernormal” could (and should) destroy the dominant Western paradigm”

  1. Anonymous

    Michael Shermer hates this kind of research. Whatever Shermer says, the opposite is probably true. So I'm going to consider Radin's work with an open mind.

  2. Anonymous

    An intellectual experience that can help to UNdo much of the brain damage we have suffered. A human brain is too valuable to be wasted by foo foo & fluff. Science is the best way of knowing & understanding how the world works that has ever been discovered. If you are not doing science, what are you doing? Morality is the acceptance of principled responsibility for the way in which one's actions or lack of actions affect the well-being of other members of the human species. The absolute precondition for any kind of moral judgment is our ability to identify who did what to whom when, where, and how. The doctrine that all fact is fiction and that all fiction is fact is a morally depraved doctrine.

  3. Sounds like you're spouting confused fundamentalist dogma, rather than thinking clearly and critically, like Radin does. Read his work! And if you really value science, go over some of these studies carefully:

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