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Dean Radin: “Trust the Science” — Magic Works!

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Scientist and author Dean Radin, who has published many books on psi-related topics, discusses his new book Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe. First question: How can we “trust the science” when it simultaneously tells us that “magic works” (i.e. psi is real) and denigrates its own findings? Below is a rough transcript of the interview.

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Welcome to Truth Jihad Radio, the radio show that has no respect for the taboos that prevent us from trying to figure out the truth about all sorts of very important issues that aren’t being properly covered in the mainstream. I’m Kevin Barrett. We talk about politics a fair bit on this show, social issues a little bit, and occasionally even science. And we are now in a strange phase of cultural development in which we are being browbeaten to “trust the science.” Well, I trust the scientific process to a certain extent. It’s a good method for trying to figure out certain kinds of empirical things. But there are a lot of problems in the scientific community, and one of them is the reluctance to acknowledge the results of a very rich history of psi experimentation. I discovered this in high school by reading the Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on ESP. I did some research and I was shocked that so many people know that things like telepathy and precognition exist, and yet the larger scientific community tends to deny it to a certain extent—even though science itself has proven it seven ways from Sunday.

And one of the world’s leading experts on all of this is Dean Radin. He’s the author of a long list of great books, including Super Nature and The Conscious Universe, which is a really good primer on these topics. He has a new book out called Real Magic, which I haven’t read yet, but I’m intending to. He’s been doing entangled photon experiments, among other things, and offering great commentary on his Twitter feed and website. So, hey, welcome Dean Radin. It’s great to have you back.

Dean Radin: Glad to be here, Kevin and my last name is pronounced “Raiden.”

Kevin Barrett: I’m sorry. I’m thinking of Paul Radin, the French anthropologist, and I guess I got the pronunciations confused. Are you of French ancestry?

Dean Radin: No, we’re probably a different family tree. I think my last name used to be Radinsky when my grandparents or one set of grandparents emigrated from Russia way back when.

Kevin Barrett: Oh, very interesting. Ok, well, I’ll try to keep that pronunciation straight. So Dean Radin…Here we are in a very strange cultural moment with a pandemic raging around us or maybe raging a little less than some pandemics in history have. The cultural issues around it are certainly raging. And the leitmotif “trust the science” is everywhere. Well, Dean, you do science, you’re a scientist. And yet you’ve noticed that the scientific community, when it gets into sort of a groupthink bubble, is often wrong. So we could start by hearing your thoughts about that.

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