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FFWN: OMG! Omicron! (with Cat McGuire)

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above, or a shorter version on my YouTube channel  (where the broadcast begins after story #5)


1) Help FFWN Hobbits Defeat Vaccine Orcs

Quarantined from YouTube

1.5) Up to 300,000 people facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (THAT MYSTERIOUSLY STRIKES AFTER VACCINATION) warn physicians

2) Hard Data Shows the Covid Vaccines Don’t Work

3) Mass vaccination fails to halt Covid transmission rates – study

4) Look! Look! A Golden Goose! Everyone Meet Omicron

5) World agrees to negotiate a global ‘pandemic treaty’ to fight the next  outbreak

Global Lockdown/Mandate

6) Germany locks down unvaccinated people, as leaders plan to make shots compulsory

7) Omicron variant: Swiss voters give green light to COVID restrictions as cases rise

8) Greece to impose monthly fine for unvaccinated people 60 or older

9) China Study Says Adopting U.S. Stance Would Trigger Covid Surge

10) Newsom Vacations in Cabo San Lucas at a $29000 Per Night Villa After Extending Covid State of Emergency in California

11) Hundreds of Google employees call for end to company’s COVID shot mandate


12) Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal: ‘Our Role Is Not to Be Bound by the First Amendment’

13) Elizabeth Holmes Testifies: Theranos Founder “Wishes” She Had Listened To Whistleblower


14) Introduction to The Real Anthony Fauci Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (#1 bestseller)

15) Lara Logan draws outrage for comparing Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele on Fox News

Epstein Didn’t You-Know-What

16) Jeffrey Epstein’s Ex-Pilot Takes the Stand as Witness Testimony Kicks Off in Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Trial

17) Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Sex crimes accuser testifies Jeffrey Epstein took her to meet Trump when she was 14


18) Parents of 9/11 victims unveil billboard castigating The New York Times

19) “Shame on You”: A 9/11 daughter’s letter to two New York Times reporters


20) January 6th Victim Rosanne Boyland’s Sister Speaks out ON VIDEO for first time!  

21) ‘Michael Flynn’ Alleges CIA Could Be Behind ‘Total Nonsense’ QAnon Conspiracy Theory in Leaked Audio

22) Trump tested positive for Covid few days before Biden debate chief of staff says in new book


23) Levi Strauss Will Host ‘Fireside Chat’ with ‘Racial Trauma Specialist’ for Employees over Rittenhouse Acquittal

24) Waukesha Christmas Parade Suspect: I’m Being ‘Demonized,’ ‘Dehumanized’

25) Trial of Jussie Smollett, accused of lying to police about an alleged hate crime, opened Monday with jury selection  

26) Tucson police moves to terminate officer who fatally shot man in a wheelchair (9 times in the back!)

War on Islam

27) Ilhan Omar airs death threat and presses Republicans on ‘anti-Muslim hatred’

War on China

28) US Space Force Raises Alarm Over China’s ‘Orbital Hypersonic Weapons America Can’t Combat’


29) America is looking down the barrel of population collapse

30) In Germany You Must Be Fully Vaxxed before Your Death by Assisted Suicide

31) Scientists say xenobots world’s first living robots can reproduce

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