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AK Dewdney on Truth Movement vs. Deep State (Who’s Winning?)

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Mathematics and science professor and Sufism-oriented Muslim A.K. Dewdney ponders:

“I am increasingly sceptical these days when I read reports from otherwise (seemingly) reliable activists that ‘The Deep State Is In a Panic,’ or ‘This is a game-changer’ or ‘Deep state retreats’ or ‘VAX plan failing’ and on and on and on. Such assessments may give comfort to some, but they serve no one’s real interest on our side of the curtain. This might make an interesting topic especially in the context of a Progress Report. i.e. ‘How are we doing, really?’ Is there a systematic way we can make such assessments?”

And what does Dewdney think of Alan Sabrosky’s claim that the truth movement failed? Tune in and see!

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