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Paul Larudee and Kevin Barrett Debate “Deal of the Century” on International Quds Day

Press TV In this edition of The Debate, Press TV interviews Kevin Barrett, editor at Veterans Today from Madison and Paul Larudee, co-founder of Free Palestine Movement from Berkeley on the importance of the International Quds Day and the ineffectuality of the so-called “deal of the century”.


Kevin on Press TV: “Deal of the Century” Debate, and more

Listen HERE Since my last two Press TV interviews have been disrupted by “Abnormal Interference” I thought I’d better archive some Press TV material in case the whole network gets disabled. (I understand the US Deep State is working on a plan to tangle up Press TV’s transmitters in John Bolton’s mustache.) The first segment is my Tuesday May 28 Debate with Geoffrey Alderman on the Bibi/Kushner “Deal of the Century.” Then come interviews on migrant children dying in US custody, Trump’s nonsensical attempt to hand Israel the “stolen Golan,” Trump’s impending impeachment, Trump’s threats to attack Iran, and the…


Debating “Deal of the Century”: Kevin Barrett vs. Geoffrey Alderman

Note: I drove an hour to the studio to do this show, only to discover that the satellite uplink didn’t work. (The same Zionists who got Press TV censored from various satellite and cable services are presumably jamming them.) So I had to connect to Press TV via Skype, holding my laptop in my lap, craning my neck to look down at it and trying to hold it steady. So if I look annoyed at the Zionists and their BS “deal of the century,” that’s probably because I really AM getting seriously annoyed. -KB “In this edition of The Debate,…