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FFWN: Gangster Scumbags Dershowitz, Trump & Bibi Keep Their Underwear On

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1) The REAL Deal of the Century: Support Alternative Media—FFWN Is a Bargain!

Impeachment Threats

2) White House has issued formal threat to Bolton to keep him from publishing book

3) Alan Dershowitz to Senators: “Keep Your Underwear On and Acquit Trump—OR ELSE”

3.5) A Woman Who Accused Trump Of Rape Is Now Seeking His DNA To Test Against Genetic Material Found On Her Dress

Trump and Bibi Roll Out Their Insane “Deal”

4) Israel’s Netanyahu indicted in corruption cases, hours before Mideast peace plan announced

5) Trump’s plan leaves Palestinians no option but to reject it. Just as he intended

6) Palestinian anger over Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ met with Israeli tear gas & rubber bullets in West Bank

7) U.S in the Middle-East: Preparing for Disaster

8) Zionist-Occupied Arabia Endorses “Surrender Deal”

9) Saudi Arabia publishes ‘Judaized’ translation of Holy Qur’an’an-errors-omissions

10) American Pravda: Mossad Assassinations

11) Putin’s Trip to ‘Israel’ Will Be Remembered as an Important Part of His Legacy

Soleimani Blackout: Biggest Censorship Campaign in History?

12) Why Big Brother Fears Qassem Soleimani He’s the Che Guevara of the 21st Century

13) Facebook’s Soleimani Ban Flies in Face of First Amendment

14) The social media attack on any grieving response to Soleimani’s assassination is also reflected in CNN’s attack on American Herald Tribune,

15) Sources: Murderer of Soleimani killed with spy plane shot down over Afghanistan

Axis of Resistance Is Winning

16) Hezbollah-dominated government emerges in Lebanon for the first time

17) Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis Say They Fired at Aramco, Other Saudi Targets

18) Yemen Houthis advance as loyalists beat ‘tactical’ retreat

Coronavirus Goes Viral

19) The Wuhan Virus Is Not a Lab-Made Bioweapon Conspiracy theories are spreading faster than the coronavirus itself

20) Wilbur Ross Says Coronavirus May Help Bring Back Jobs to U.S.

21) US health experts hosted fictional coronavirus pandemic ‘tabletop exercise’ simulation to see how authorities would react – three months BEFORE the outbreak in China

22) Facebook, Twitter scramble to stop wacky coronavirus conspiracy theories

23) REALITY CHECK: Coronavirus fear porn: This Is NOT an Emergency!

24) Climate Hysteria Exaggerated Too?

False Flag World

25) Book exposing reality of India’s false flag operations launched

26) Leader of White Supremacist Terror Group Is a Gladio B “Honeypot” Provocateur

Sandy Hook Arrest: NYT Even More Rabidly Biased & Libelous than NY Post!

27) Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist arrested for spreading personal info of victim’s dad

28) NYT’s Objective, Unbiased Journalism: “A Notorious Sandy Hook Tormentor Is Arrested in Florida”


29) Orwellian Total-Video-Surveillance Nightmare Approaching

30) (Psychopathic) Ex-Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher blasts (threatens) teammates who testified against him

RIP Kobe Bryant

31) How Kobe Bryant’s Death Is Being Exploited by Conspiracy Theorists

32) FFWN debunks pernicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theory “Jewish helicopter killed Kobe Bryant” – we are pretty sure this one is NOT true


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