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FFWN Special: Anthony Hall’s “News From Canada”: Will 2023 See a Reckoning for the COVID Catastrophe?

PSA: Support FFWN: E. Michael Returns for “Biggest Stories of 2022 – What’s Coming in 2023” Anthony Hall, Professor Emeritus of Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge, presents this year’s news from Canada (and some historical context), focusing on the pushback against Trudeau’s COVID dictatorship. Will 2023 see a worldwide reckoning for COVID crimes? Prof. Anthony Hall taught Native American Studies and Globalization Studies from 1982 through 2016, when he was suspended by the University of Lethbridge administration on the ludicrous pretext that parties unknown had posted an anti-Semitic image on his Facebook page for a couple of hours. The…


Anthony Hall on Grassroots Revolt Against Justin Trudeau’s Dystopia

Listen at my Substack Professor Emeritus Anthony Hall (University of Lethbridge) returns to discuss the ongoing grassroots revolt against Canadian fuhrer, I mean, Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. We’ll discuss “what’s going on in Canada that led to the installation of a new Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, who replaced Jason Kenney who resigned. Smith promises to institute an Alberta Sovereignty Act. The great distance between Danielle and Trudeau can be signified by this comment from the new premier who intends to insert medical choice into the Alberta Human Rights Act.” We’ll also discuss the rise of the Alberta Independence Party;…


Prof Anthony Hall on Canada’s Truckers Movement & Political Prisoners

 Academic freedom hero Prof. Anthony Hall, who has published numerous articles on scamdemic related issues at Global Research, has put together a great slideshow video interview (watch it above) following the rough outlines of his article “Democracy, Authoritarianism, and the Canadian Truckers Movement.” That article begins: The US Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, has characterized the members and supporters of the Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy as “extremists” who are “subverting democratic processes and voices to further the cause of authoritarianism.” As reported by Canada’s Global News, Cohen elaborated, “China and Russia are among the actors involved in those attempts to…