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FFWN Special: Anthony Hall’s “News From Canada”: Will 2023 See a Reckoning for the COVID Catastrophe?

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Anthony Hall, Professor Emeritus of Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge, presents this year’s news from Canada (and some historical context), focusing on the pushback against Trudeau’s COVID dictatorship. Will 2023 see a worldwide reckoning for COVID crimes?

Prof. Anthony Hall taught Native American Studies and Globalization Studies from 1982 through 2016, when he was suspended by the University of Lethbridge administration on the ludicrous pretext that parties unknown had posted an anti-Semitic image on his Facebook page for a couple of hours. The frame-up had all the earmarks of a coordinated false flag op by the ADL and its associates. Prof. Hall’s real crime was presumably his participation in the 9/11 truth movement and his work here at False Flag Weekly News. After a long-running academic freedom fight, Prof. Hall retained his position, complete with full salary and retirement as well as retention of his full professor (emeritus) status, but did not return to the classroom.

As mentioned in the video, Professor Anthony Hall has been organizing freedom movement protests in Alberta and publishing at Global Research. These activities put him at the forefront of the global movement against COVID dictatorship, which peaked in Canada, of all places, when Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, shut down peaceful protests by force, and seized the bank accounts of protestors and their supporters.

Here are Prof. Hall’s three most recent articles:

Moving Along the Freedom Convoy Highway from Ottawa, to Florida, to Alberta: Investigating the Manufactured COVID Crisis (Dec. 16)

The Covid-19 Crisis, Justin Trudeau, The Freedom Convoy and “The Emergency Act” Fiasco (Dec. 7)

No Amnesty without Accountability for COVID Crimes: Looking Into and Beyond Canada’s Emergency Act Inquiry (Dec. 5)

Dr. Hall’s References for Further Research

Michael Coren on Gavin McInnes at Rebel News

Rebel News and Gavin McGinness’ visit to Israel

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the Drag Queen Show

Trudeau criticized by Liberal Party MP Joel Lightbound

Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre Explains his Position on the Truckers’ Convoy in Ottawa

Pawlowsky, Christian Chaplin for Canada as Appointed in Israel

Pawlowsky Family in Israel

Alberta Premier Danelle Smith’s “Vaccine Discrimination” Clip

Smith’s Clip on Freedom in Alberta, including medical choice

Diagolon Nonsense

Viva Frei on Wrongness of Gun Law procedures in Canada

Bernie Farber Goes to Town on Truckers as Nazis of His Imagination

Jonathan Kay Counters Bernie Farber’s Conspiratorial Hate Speech

Harper at Israeli Knesset, 20014

Marci McDonald on Prof. Tom Flanagan, the “Godfather” Behind Harper

Pastor Pawlowski on Bannon’s War Room

Rebel News Coutts Border

Ezra Levant, Covered at DeSmog

Tom Flanagan.2011 Celebrating Harper’s Majority Government

8 Thoughts to “FFWN Special: Anthony Hall’s “News From Canada”: Will 2023 See a Reckoning for the COVID Catastrophe?”

  1. Philip Cicchi

    It is very good to hear Professor Hall’s voice again on FFWN. I hope he will be able to do additional shows in the near future. It is great to get the perspective of a scholar from north of the United States border. I have always liked Professor Hall’s laid back manner. Thank you for having him on your program.

    1. Glad you liked the show. I’m especially impressed that he’s doing on-the-ground organizing as well as research and writing.

  2. Andrew Blair

    Tony and Kevin, thank you both for this very important, informative and eye-opening window into the current situation in Canada.

  3. Ken Freeland

    A masterpiece of a podcast…. really vital elements of North American history through the lens of our neighbor to the north. We can see that Tony Hall is a professor precisely because he is a master educator. What a gorgeous, sweeping historical overview… kudos to both of you!

  4. Tony Hall

    Its very gratifying to receive these generous comments. I’m especially surprised by the reference to a “gorgeous, sweeping historical overview.” Gosh. I see that comment as a really meaningful encouragement to take the narrative further.

    I really do appreciate Kevin’s willingness to work with me on the project. Over the years we’ve talked a lot about Canadian history about which he knows much. Our mutual collaboration with Splitting the Sky, who died about a decade ago, provided the context for lots of interactions on the subject.

    I think our most recent FFWN included some new departures that I’d like to try to expand, refine, and dig deeper into in the context of some kind of worthy follow up.

    I wonder if there will be any formal or informal response at Rebel News?

  5. Most men and women around the world who’ve been paying a moderate level of attention to global affairs understand the dangerous aspects of central bank digital currency (CBDC, Namely total loss of privacy and a literal slavery system), and that it is of paramount importance to stop any further developments.

    Now might be the time to fully engage in battle against the .001% pushing their cashless society, total control wet dream.. Bringing together the world’s leading experts on banking and international monetary systems such as John Titus, Catherine Austin Fitts, Peter Koenig, Ernst Wolff, Ellen Brown, Dennis Kucinich and others to initiate the battle against CBDCs offers the best chance for kneecapping this .001%’s baby – BEFORE it’s born – and thereby save/prevent this and future generations from living in slave-system nightmares…

    Best regards..

  6. Darren Brown

    Thanks Kevin, I live in Australia, so much of the same going on here. A recent shooting in Queensland were 2 Police and 1 civilian & 3 shooters were killed, a complicated case from many angle but they have labelled the shooters anti-vaxers. They now talk of going after any online stuff that even mentions vaccine conspiracy.

    1. Anthony Hall

      Is the phrase “domestic terrorist” being used to smear those such as the Canadian Truckers who have been successful in effectively criticizing government policies.

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