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Prof Anthony Hall on Canada’s Truckers Movement & Political Prisoners

Academic freedom hero Prof. Anthony Hall, who has published numerous articles on scamdemic related issues at Global Research, has put together a great slideshow video interview (watch it above) following the rough outlines of his article “Democracy, Authoritarianism, and the Canadian Truckers Movement.”

That article begins:

The US Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, has characterized the members and supporters of the Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy as “extremists” who are “subverting democratic processes and voices to further the cause of authoritarianism.”

As reported by Canada’s Global News, Cohen elaborated,

“China and Russia are among the actors involved in those attempts to subvert democracy, but also domestic forces including elements in the trucker convoys that blockaded the Canadian capital and border crossings for three weeks earlier this year.”

This intervention in domestic politics by the Biden administration’s top emissary to Canada should not go unnoticed. Quite clearly, it is the Canadian Truckers and many of their supporters who are victims, rather than perpetrators, of multiple forms of authoritarianism.

The federal governments on both sides of the Canada-US border continue to attack the proponents of a working class movement that won global headlines in mid-winter 2022. The Truckers did not “blockade the Canadian capital” as Cohen alleges. Rather the leadership of the Trucker’s movement responded assertively in good democratic fashion to a wrongheaded set of COVID policies.

When they got to Ottawa, the Truckers teamed up with their invited experts to mount many public education events. These widely-viewed webcast events dealt with many aspects of the COVID fiasco hidden from wide public view. The Ottawa event also involved public demonstrations to help illuminate widespread grievances. In spite of the barrage of provocations and insults hurled at the protesters, they remained basically peaceful, disciplined and upbeat.

This peaceful application of democratic pressure caused government, law enforcement agencies and media to react in ways that well illustrate the anti-democratic bent of authority these days. The hostility to democratic ideals is especially evident in the executive branches of the intertwined Liberal Party and Democratic Party governments that together currently dominate federal authority in North America.

The Freedom Convoy transported their grievances literally to the front door of the Canadian Parliament, an institution that increasingly symbolizes Canada’s failing democracy. Rather than storm Parliament, the Truckers parked their large vehicles in front of the Parliament seeking an audience with federal officials.

No smear campaign like those presently being piled on the Truckers’ movement can ever supplant the heart-warming imagery of the Freedom Convoy’s pilgrimage to Ottawa in mid-winter of 2022. Who can forget the moving pictures of large groups of patriotic Canadians coming out into the arctic deep freeze to wave the Canadian flag in support of the Freedom Convoy’s journey across a massive snowbound landscape?

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