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Eric Margolis on Trump & Military Service—and More

Listen HERE In his new article “Is This the Man with his Finger on the Button?” award-winning journalist Eric Margolis offers a nuanced yet devastating assessment of Trump’s alleged remarks calling fallen soldiers “losers” and “suckers”: “Our commander-in-chief Trump reportedly dodged the Vietnam era draft six times, at least once because of a little bone spur in one of his dainty feet that were more used to the floors of New York discos than far-flung battlefields…I enlisted in the wartime US Army to go fight in Vietnam. I didn’t have to. I had been accepted to do advanced degrees at…


Diana Johnstone’s “Circle in the Darkness”: Reflections on More Than a Half Century of History

Listen HERE Diana Johnstone’s new book Circle in the Darkness: Memoir of a World Watcher is an lucid, courageous, elegantly-written, uncommonly well-informed reflection on post-World War 2 American and European history. The author traces her journey from Vietnam-era antiwar activism in the 1960s to a nearly five-decade-long career as one of America’s best alternative journalists. Unlike most writers associated with the left (and the center and right for that matter) Diana Johnstone is not afraid of pursuing the truth about controversial topics, including political assassinations such as those of Issam Sartawi and Olaf Palme; neoliberal bankster dictatorship and the lies that…