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Diana Johnstone’s “Circle in the Darkness”: Reflections on More Than a Half Century of History

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Diana Johnstone’s new book Circle in the Darkness: Memoir of a World Watcher is an lucid, courageous, elegantly-written, uncommonly well-informed reflection on post-World War 2 American and European history. The author traces her journey from Vietnam-era antiwar activism in the 1960s to a nearly five-decade-long career as one of America’s best alternative journalists.

Unlike most writers associated with the left (and the center and right for that matter) Diana Johnstone is not afraid of pursuing the truth about controversial topics, including political assassinations such as those of Issam Sartawi and Olaf Palme; neoliberal bankster dictatorship and the lies that sustain it; NATO’s criminal wars on Serbia, Libya, and Syria, and mendacious demonizations of Russia and China; the interminable crimes of Zionism; and false flags including the Lavon Affair, Operation Ezra and Neremiah, the USS Liberty, Operation Gladio, “the Russians tried to kill the Pope,” and more.

The most controversial topic she tackles is the Holocaust Religion’s replacement of Christianity as the official state religion of Western nations: As she observes, French law “legally establishes the Holocaust as a sacred event above ordinary human history—not so much the event as a whole (as nobody questions the persecution and murder of Jews by the Nazis) but specifically the use of homicidal gas chambers. Instead of the Holocaust, the French have adopted the term Shoah, with even more religious connotations. In all of history, this is the only version of events which is protected by law from revision or even questioning. This amounts to a religious dogma…The Shoah is celebrated officially and unofficially, not only in the annual Shoah commemoration but almost constantly in school rooms, trips to Auschwitz, radio and television programs, books and films. It has de facto replaced Christianity, which indeed had succumbed to laicité over a century ago, as the State religion. It has its martyrs and saints, its holy scripture, its pilgrimages, everything that Christianity had except redemption.

“The proof that a doctrine is a religion is when any questioning of it is regarded as heresy. Any challenge to the Shoah faith is blasphemy and can be punished.” (p.172)

In this interview Diana Johnstone discusses the absurd but highly profitable heretic-hunts of the Holocaust Inquisitors. She also recounts the the horrific assassination of the great Palestinian resistance fighter and peacemaker Issam Sartawi, discusses the collapse of the Left into identity politics and sinister clown shows like Antifa, and holds out hope that ordinary people can make the world better by seeking out and standing up for the truth:

“The fight for truth is the most critical battle in our emerging civil wars. So long as people fail to distinguish between manipulation and honesty, between truth and falsehood, they can neither define correctly what is wrong nor find solutions.” (p. 423).

3 Thoughts to “Diana Johnstone’s “Circle in the Darkness”: Reflections on More Than a Half Century of History”

  1. Maisoon

    Ms Johnstone
    I DO deny the so called ‘Jewish’ Holocaust
    The whole of World War 1 and 2 were both one huge Holocaust when you take the original Greek definition of the word which world Jewry have shamefully HIJACKED and classify it as their ‘Shoah’
    Around nearly 60 Million people perished in each war but they are NOT commemorated or have a memorial Day!!
    Hiroshima Nagasaki were Holocausts- ‘Massive Death and Destruction and or great loss of Life especially by fire [power]’. Vietnam, Korean War, ALL the Middle East wars waged on Arab and Islamic Nations on behalf of Israel, have all been HOLOCAUSTED with an estimated 32 million dead Muslims/Arabs

    So again I say I DENY the Holocaust- their torah based figure of 6 million has been repeated several times so how many more 6 million are we going to keep having to be blackmailed by World Zionist Jewry that actually collaborated with the Nazis and were willing to sacrifice some of their own for the greater good of Eretz Israel
    Even Auschwitz keeps reducing the figures so unlike you I am sick and tired of being deceived and lied to especially as these people dont give a damn about other lives lost on a much larger proven scale than their mythical 6 million which I do NOT BUY into at all and will not allow them to emotionally blackmail me for an event that I dont believe occurred. The Victors always re write History to suit their own narrative
    Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and PALESTINE have been one huge REAL slow Holocausts that will never be remembered because their Victims are Muslims/ and or Arabs who are not viewed as Human Beings of any worth in the West thanks to Jewish and Zionist propaganda and indoctrination
    So Jews and their holohoax are not going to get any sympathies from me especially when most of their leaders [originally Terrorists belonging to Irgun, Stern Gang and Haganah who all became Presidents or Prime Minsters of Israel] have been behind the Western wars and their WAR OF Terror in the Middle East and the MERCENARY TERRORISTS that MOSSAD and CIA created, trained and funded like ISIS and DAESH
    ‘By way of Deception, thou shalt do war’ a Torah based mantra used as a Motto by Mossad. Lies and Deception rules their fake history to serve their ends

  2. maisoon

    that will never be remembered because their Victims are Muslims whoa re not viewed as Human Beings of any worth in the West thanks to Jewish and Zionist propaganda and indoctrination
    And no mention of the 20 MILLION Christian Russians slaughtered by the Jewish Bolshevik Communists

  3. Maisoon

    Their political money making religion extorting billions from European countries as ‘compensation’. ad infinitum. Did USA compensate the Hiroshima Victims, Vietnam, Korea or the Arabs they have butchered in all their wars against their Nation?? Or their Crimes throughout South America and Africa!!??
    These are the people I shed tears for and feel their pain and suffering, not the holohoax.
    I CRY for Palestine, for Syria, for Iraq, For Yemen, Lebanon- REAL HOLOCAUST VICTIMS and Nations.

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