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Atty. Thomas Willcutts on Science Propaganda Machine & COVID Censorship

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Thomas Willcutts

Attorney Thomas Willcutts disagrees with many of last week’s guest Gordon Duff‘s assertions about COVID-19. He argues that the “scientific consensus” supporting universal masking, lockdowns, Orwellian contact-tracing, and vaccines, and opposing HCQ, is questionable. Willcutts argues that propagandists “employ widespread control of media, fear, and anti-science ridicule, as well as pervasive control and policing of academic publishing and funding” to push self-interested perspectives and fabricate a “mainstream scientific consensus” on issues ranging from COVID to climate change to 9/11.

Thomas Willcutts disagrees with Gordon Duff’s claims that a consensus of experts agrees HCQ doesn’t work, and that dissident doctors are a tiny lunatic fringe. Willcutts says there is no evidence that treating physicians are opposed to HCQ, citing the largest study of what treating physicians are actually doing.

He writes:

“Gordon said the ‘Frontline Doctors’ was only a few whack jobs hand-selected by Trump, and he defended their being censored.  And he said the doctors are 99% against HQ.
There is a Nationwide Organization of Physicians called AAPS – Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, which has been in existence since 1943 and has approximately 5,000 members Nationwide.  They indicate that they are non-partisan, but they are criticized in Media for being ‘conservative’ or ‘right-wing.’  Both Ron Paul and Rand Paul were members, for example.
Anyway – they have filed a Lawsuit in Federal Court over the FDA’s and Federal Government’s handling of HQ.
And here is their statement about the censorship going on — you could have written it:
And here is an authentic, award-winning investigative journalist who looked into this question. I cannot imagine that Gordon has any rebuttal to this short presentation.

One Thought to “Atty. Thomas Willcutts on Science Propaganda Machine & COVID Censorship”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    An update worth noting :

    *Anthony Fauci Is Out, “Sidelined” by Trump. Enter Dr. Scott Atlas to the Coronavirus Task Force*

    (By Rep. Ron Paul and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, August 18, 2020)

    Maybe Trump wants somebody softer in appearances, to seduce more voters as the election gets closer.

    I don’t trust any of them anyway. I still can not enter stores because I am not joining the satanic cult of servitude addicts wearing a muzzle.

    Have ‘Ken McCarthy’ tell us who is this Dr Atlas.

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