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Science Professor Joel Hirschhorn: Is Fauci Responsible for the Majority of US COVID Deaths?

Listen HERE Dr. Joel Hirschhorn, a leading pro-9/11-truth scientist, discusses his recent articles “Can you trust Dr. Anthony Fauci?“, “The Indictment of Dr. Anthony Fauci for his Big Lie,” and “Follow the money: Why hydroxychloroquine may have been denied to COVID-stricken Trump.” In 2007 Dr. Hirschhorn looked into the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center at my instigation, and concluded that I (and the Architects and Engineers) were right. He is the author of “The 9/11 Truth Manifesto.” Dr. Joel Hirschhorn is: former full professor of metallurgical engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison author of nonfiction books:Introduction to Powder Metallurgy…


LIVE RADIO! Randy Short on Dover murders & Black views of election; Scientist Joel Hirschorn asks “Can you trust Dr. Anthony Fauci?”

Listen live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio First hour: Pastor and human rights activist Dr. Randy Short recently shared a petition that begins: “Over the last decade, five known suspicious hangings and multiple accidental drownings of African Americans have gripped Delaware’s Kent County’s black community. Despite compelling evidence of foul play and the work of a few committed activists and local politicians, incidents were played down and swiftly filed away.” We’ll also discuss Black views of the upcoming election including “Jailbirds for Biden,” “Just 36 Percent of Black Men Think Biden’s Nominating a Black Woman for VP Was a…


Ken McCarthy Compares Coronavirus Science to Nazi Science

Listen HERE Ken McCarthy of BrassCheck TV has compiled a list of sources for people skeptical of official pronouncements about the COVID pandemic. He writes: “Right now I’m in the ‘Bernays/Gobbels/Fauci PLUS the structure of Nazi Science and why US science is starting to look frighteningly similar’ mode.  Also, also, newish, it appears that the dreaded “Novo” Wuhan Virus was found in a March 2019 sewage waste sample taken in Spain. Not a surprise to honest virologists. But a big problem to the ‘New virus that ate the world’ fraud meisters.”