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FFWN: NYT Fawns Over Sam Bankman-Fried—But No Obit for David Ray Griffin.

Full uncensored version posted above by noon Central time Saturdays PSA 1) Help FFWN Expose NATO & Other Demonic Forces 9/11 Heroes & Quarterbacks 2) David Ray Griffin (1939-2022). The Man and His Work: A Synopsis 3) Former Packers QB Says Aaron Rodgers Once Asked Him Whether He Believes in 9/11 Breaking News 3.5) BOMBSHELL: E-mails establish collusion between Twitter and Biden campaign ahead of 2020 election AntiSemitism Watch 4) Trump talks with white nationalist Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago dinner 5) Jewish Allies Call Trump’s Dinner With Antisemites a Breaking Point 6) Masked Ye goes…


Super-Stupid Saturday: My Dumbest Blog Entry Ever

Since it’s Super-Stupid weekend, date of the annual American Festival of Gridiron Violence (AFGV) that comprises our nation’s true religion – or rather our true false religion, i.e. our chief idolatry and heresy –  and since the Stupor Bowl will soon be rendering Americans comatose as they sink slowly into millions of beer-stained sofas across the nation and begin gorging themselves on junk food and screaming mindlessly at the televised image of a mob of armor-plated skirmishing behemoths knocking themselves silly while squabbling over possession of the inflated bladder of a long-since-deceased pig – and, above all, since THE GREEN…