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Football Is Anti-Semitic. Here’s How to Fix It.

Dissociated Press Guest op-ed by Jonathan Greenbutt, Anti-Defecation League Anti-Semitism in sports is totally out of control. First, NBA power forward Leonard Myers unknowingly used an obsolete slur while playing a video game. Then the Duxbury¬†Durchgangslagers, a Massachussetts high school football team, got caught calling Nazi plays. Fortunately the coach was fired. He’ll never work in this town again. Nor will any of his players, nor the cheerleaders, nor anybody else from that school. Even the janitor will never mop floors again. They’re on our list, and they’ll never get off. Satisfying as such punishments are, they don’t address the…


Bahrain regime seeks to kidnap and torture soccer star Hakeem al-Araibi

The morning after the Super Bore, South African station Radio Islam International called me to ask about football. But not the Patriots-Rams snorefest! Instead, they wanted an opinion on the Bahraini regime’s attempt to recapture and re-torture footballer (soccer player) Hakeem al-Araibi. His crime: speaking out against the regime back in 2011. Middle Eastern “football” is even more politically charged than the American “stand for the anthem or else” game. ¬†Underdog Qatar’s dazzling victory in the Asia cup a few days ago smeared egg all over the faces of the tyrants ruling Saudi Arabia and the UAE, whose blockade (an…


Super-Stupid Saturday: My Dumbest Blog Entry Ever

Since it’s Super-Stupid weekend, date of the annual American Festival of Gridiron Violence (AFGV) that comprises our nation’s true religion – or rather our true false religion, i.e. our chief idolatry and heresy –  and since the Stupor Bowl will soon be rendering Americans comatose as they sink slowly into millions of beer-stained sofas across the nation and begin gorging themselves on junk food and screaming mindlessly at the televised image of a mob of armor-plated skirmishing behemoths knocking themselves silly while squabbling over possession of the inflated bladder of a long-since-deceased pig – and, above all, since THE GREEN…