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FFWN: NYT Fawns Over Sam Bankman-Fried—But No Obit for David Ray Griffin.

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1) Help FFWN Expose NATO & Other Demonic Forces

9/11 Heroes & Quarterbacks

2) David Ray Griffin (1939-2022). The Man and His Work: A Synopsis

3) Former Packers QB Says Aaron Rodgers Once Asked Him Whether He Believes in 9/11

Breaking News

3.5) BOMBSHELL: E-mails establish collusion between Twitter and Biden campaign ahead of 2020 election

AntiSemitism Watch

4) Trump talks with white nationalist Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago dinner

5) Jewish Allies Call Trump’s Dinner With Antisemites a Breaking Point

6) Masked Ye goes on antisemitic tirade on Infowars: ‘I like Hitler’

7) Athens hosts mayors from around world for summit on tackling antisemitism

8) E. Michael Jones loses “antisemite of the year” election, demands recount

AntiWhiteism Watch

9) Death of the Salesman: anti-White hate at Salesforce


10) Heartless Biden Regime to Rip Newborn Baby from Single Mom and January 6th Protester Felicia Konold – Feds Insist ‘She’ Is a ‘Proud Boy’

NYT: Some Good News and Some Bad News

11) New York Times urges U.S. to drop charges against Assange

12) Capture of livestreamed interview with FTX embezzler at NYT BookDeal Summit, November 30, 2022 I believe he was the last to speak (the headliner!!)

13) From the NY Times to WaPo, the media is fawning over Bankman-Fried

14) Russian billionaire, 53, is killed in helicopter crash near Monaco in latest crypto mystery death

Depose Fauci!

15) Fauci’s 7-Hour Deposition: What We Know So far

16) Twitter quietly changes Covid-19 policy

China Syndrome

17) Anti-lockdown protests break out in China

18) China’s Lockdown Protests Spread to Cities and Campuses Across the US

19) New York Times Decides Lockdowns are Actually Draconian and Economically Destructive when China Does Them

20) Chiang Kai-shek’s great-grandson wins key Taiwan election

Multipolar World

21) German Statesman Slams EU Leaders’ Spinelessness, Demands NATO’s Dismemberment, Closure of US Base

22) US paralyzed by Islamic Republic of Iran’s strategic swing

Suicide of the West

23) Suicidal marketing

24) Dutch Government To Seize And Close 3,000 Farms To Comply With EU Environmental Rules

Como se dice “Propaganda” en Espanol”

25) Soros takeover: FCC clears path for liberal group to buy Spanish-language conservative talk radio stations

We Must Never Tolerate Outrageous Conspiracy Theories on Netflix (or Twitter)

26) Ancient Apocalypse is the most dangerous show on Netflix

27) Elon Musk Trolls MSM: “I Wake Up – There Is Another Psy Op”

Programming & Deprogramming

28) Disney CEO Pledges To Double Down On LGBT ‘Storytelling’ In Animated Kids’ Movies

29) Mother Hires Deprogrammer to Help Daughter ‘Unlearn’ Woke College Indoctrination

Manners & Morals

30) U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Whistleblower Reveals ‘Tax Dollars’ Spent to ‘Put Children in the Hands of Criminals’; Says Gov’t Complicit Because ‘We Don’t Get Sued by Traffickers’ … Migrant Child: My Female Sponsor ‘Would Pimp Me to Men’

31) Non-binary Biden nuclear official charged with stealing woman’s $2.3K luggage at airport


One Thought to “FFWN: NYT Fawns Over Sam Bankman-Fried—But No Obit for David Ray Griffin.”

  1. Maisoon

    Anyone who goes on Zionist Alex Jones Show is not worth taking seriously and such a pity Ye did that and wearing that stupid masque that he was sporting throughout the interview. I dont believe Ye is genuine- – dont know waht his real motives are or whether he is being used to bring in further Anti Semitic Laws to protect Jews. Why on earth did he appear on a Jewish controlled owned and funded by Jews and theor presenter is Jewish and a Zionist to boot so why does no one question that fact_? WHy would Zionist Jew Alex Jones bring him on especially when he virulently supports Jews and Israel?? Alex Jones is a phony and it is all a con especially as Jones will NOT be paying the huge fine imposed on him over Sandy Hooks. This again was an indirect way of using Jones to bring in greater censorship and shut up all Conspiracy theorists. WHy anyone thinks Jones is great and listen to this fake man is beyond me. Am surprised Kevin was taken in by that stupid loud mouth

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