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Reed Sainsbury: Ye Is Right, and Then Some; Mathew Crawford Postmortems on FTX & “Died Suddenly”

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First hour: Reed Sainsbury, author of Exposing the Lies of History: Deprogramming 101 takes up where Ye leaves off. If the ADL ever reviews Sainsbury’s book they’ll probably call it “an exhaustive, profusely-illustrated compendium of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.” What they won’t tell you is that some of them are true, others partly true, still others possibly true—and that the best way to sort out what’s true and what isn’t is to have a free and open discussion.

Second hour: Mathew Crawford of Rounding the Earth, who earlier this year appeared on my show to argue that there have probably been more than 200,000 American deaths from the COVID mRNA vaccines, returns to discuss his recent articles on FTX and Died Suddenly.

In “A Grand Unified Theory of the FTX Disaster” (and follow-up)Crawford expands on the widely-shared hypothesis that Sam Bankman-Fried may have been the speartip of a larger operation designed to blow up the independent crypto sector.

And in “Stew Peters’ Chaos: Credibility that Died Suddenly” Crawford suggests that the film Died Suddenly is at best flawed, at worst deliberate cognitive infiltration. Crawford writes:

“In my estimation, Stew Peters is one of the worst offenders [ostensibly] among the Medical Freedom Movement. He takes plenty of true information (for which he would otherwise be an entirely superfluous conduit) and mixes it together in one program with highly questionable, unverifiable, or simply false information.”

Anyway, great analysis! Looking forward to the show tonight @ 8pm Central.

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