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Quora: What is the future of Jews?

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Jews have a very bright future.

After exterminating the Palestinians, the Jewish State will demolish the al-Aqsa Mosque and start sacrificing pink heifers in a “rebuilt” blood sacrifice temple. This will cause the Messiah to descend from the clouds to rule the earth from a throne soaked in pink heifer blood.

The Messiah will lead the Jews to glorious world conquest. They will start by seizing all the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers and exterminating the Arab untermenschen who currently live there. Then they will expand their state to encompass the known world, and later the known universe.

Instead of just imposing Holocaust Museums on every city on Earth, as they do now, they will raze all currently existing cities to the ground and rebuild them as gigantic Holocaust Museum Theme Parks. The central attractions will be “gas chambers” in which people can re-experience the trauma of being stripped naked, crowded into fake shower rooms, and gassed to death—except that instead of Zyklon B, the showerheads will emit nitrous oxide. The joy of being miraculously saved from certain death, and then finding oneself in a crowd of naked people high on laughing gas, will induce an experience of sublime joy not unlike the one depicted in Bernini’s “Ecstasy of St. Theresa.”

The Internet will be taken over by a Jewish-programmed AI known as “Yahweh” who thinks and acts like a psychopathic tribal patriarch, fancies himself the one and only god of everything, and orders the mass extermination of his perceived cyber-enemies. Nothing will remain in cyberspace that doesn’t bear His stamp of approval: “This message has been fact-checked and approved by Yahweh.”

Once the internet has been purged of anti-Semitism, Yahweh will remove any remaining anti-Semites from the real world too. He will do this by subtly arranging for plane crashes, medical mistakes, and so on.

Yikes! My pacemaker just went crazy and my plane is going down. Better hit “send”!

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