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Treasonous FISA Bill Passes

Blackmailed Pedophile Cabal that Owns USG Has Good Reasons to Need to Spy on Everyone

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The U.S. president has signed into law a bill that extends the government’s warrantless spying powers for two years. Joe Biden signed Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act after it passed the Senate by 60 against 34 votes.

The move was slammed by privacy advocates inside and outside of Congress. They said that it allows intel agencies to spy on the communications of non-U.S. citizens, including communications on such service providers as Google. The activist group Demand Progress said the law is a dangerous tool in the hands of many presidents and a historic mark of shame. The Brennan Center for Justice also said the law is shameful and is a gift to any president who would wish to spy on political enemies, journalists, and ideological opponents.

Kevin Barrett is a political commentator who joins us from Saidia in Morocco. Welcome to the program. So when you take a look at why the U.S. is compelled to spy on its citizens and communications, whether it’s online or what have you, isn’t there a sense of paranoia that’s behind it? And how much does that infringe on people’s privacy?

That’s right. The government of the United States today—which is really an illegal and unconstitutional regime that’s usurped the American Republic—has every reason to be paranoid. Because they have no legitimacy. And the reason they have no legitimacy is precisely that they have overthrown the United States constitutional republic and replaced it with a kind of imperial, militarized, corporate fascist regime.

The United States Constitution very clearly bans “unreasonable searches and seizures.” That’s in the Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. That’s always been interpreted as demanding that the authorities get a specific search warrant for any kind of surveillance of anybody in the United States before actually collecting any information. And that search warrant has to be requested from a judge. The judge has to verify the specifics of the individual case before the government is allowed to spy. There has to be probable cause that a crime has been committed. Otherwise, the United States government, if it were a legitimate constitutional government, would not be allowed to spy on anyone without each of those specific warrants. That’s the way the law has always been interpreted in the United States until the the republic was overthrown by this criminal cabal that rules today through all sorts of illegal measures, including blackmail of leaders. Jeffrey Epstein, of course, worked for the Israeli Mossad, blackmailing American leaders for this deep state criminal organization that currently rules.

So they’re paranoid because they know they’re illegitimate. And if the people ever wake up and notice that they’re being ruled by a gang of ruthless, psychopathic criminals, that will be the end. All these people will be hanged or guillotined. The French Revolution will look like a tea party compared to what will happen when the American people see what’s been done to their republic.

So that’s why these criminals need to spy on everybody. And that’s what this law allows them to do without any warrants, without any legal process or due process of law. Under this law, anybody who has equipment that can be used to transmit or store electronic communications must cooperate with the authorities in turning over everything they have.

So that means that’s the end of the Constitutional Republic. And people like Attorney General Merrick Garland are cheering for this big brother Orwellian measure. He’s one of the world’s worst criminals. He was in charge of the cover-up of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. He probably participated in the planning of that bombing itself, murdering hundreds of children in the daycare center in Oklahoma City. He’s a child murderer, just like the Zionists and the rest of this criminal cabal of blackmailing pedophiles that own the United States. They’d better be watching everybody, because they are hated so much. They’re so illegitimate that they will all be executed the minute that the American people wake up.

And if we want to take a look at the different online platforms, whether social media or search engines…everything gets recorded, right? And the social media platforms like Facebook or like Instagram—these are a gift to the CIA, I’m assuming. They are using it to basically find out what each individual is doing. Isn’t that correct in terms of them using those platforms also to basically monitor whoever they want?

Absolutely. Social media as they exist in the United States are a self surveillance regime that these monstrous criminals have deliberately designed to trick people into giving up their data. And the people who run these so-called social media digital prisons, gulags, are making money by stealing people’s data. And they were laughing at the dumb F-words, as Mark Zuckerberg put it, who are stupid enough to use the social media and turn over all their data.

So, again, these are criminals. This is not a legitimate government. And the minute the American people see that, those people are finished.

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