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Quora: What is the future of Jews?

Quora link Jews have a very bright future. After exterminating the Palestinians, the Jewish State will demolish the al-Aqsa Mosque and start sacrificing pink heifers in a “rebuilt” blood sacrifice temple. This will cause the Messiah to descend from the clouds to rule the earth from a throne soaked in pink heifer blood. The Messiah will lead the Jews to glorious world conquest. They will start by seizing all the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers and exterminating the Arab untermenschen who currently live there. Then they will expand their state to encompass the known world, and later the…


What have Palestinians ever given the world?

Watch False Flag Weekly News above, click HERE for a list of the stories we covered Why do we pay so much attention to Palestine vs. Zionism at False Flag Weekly News? A Zionist, desperate to excuse his participation in the genocide of the Palestinians, recently asked on Quora: What have Palestinians ever given the world? My answer (upvote it HERE): Palestinians have given the world something more precious than any technological innovation or social advance. They have given us the greatest example of resistance to genocide in all of human history. Never has there been such an amazing and…