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Peter Myers Re-Solves MH-370; R. Michael Fisher on Political Fearlessness & Marianne Williamson 2024

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Peter Myers already solved the MH-370 mystery once. But YouTube nuked my channel and erased the video, which had accumulated 81,075 views. So here it is on Rumble.

Tonight, Peter returns to summarize his brand-new beta-test article on the topic, “MH370 Solved: The CIA and the Broken Wing Display.” He solicits your feedback and may be reached at peter)at(mailstar)dot(net.


R. Michael Fisher discusses fearlessness in politics in general, and the 2024 presidential candidacy of Marianne Williamson in particular. (Check out my article and interview in which Williamson got herself into trouble by voicing pro-9/11-truth sentiments and listening to my views on Israel.)

R. Michael Fisher is the author of:

The World’s Fearlessness Teachings

Philosophy of Fearism: A First East-West Dialogue

Fearless Engagement of Four Arrows: The True Story of an Indigenous-based Social Transformer

Fear, Law and Criminology: Critical Issues in Applying the Philosophy of Fearism

India, A Nation of Fear & Prejudice

The Marianne Williamson Presidential Phenomenon: Cultural (R)Evolution in a Dangerous Time

Resistances to Fearlessness: A Philosophy of Fearism Approach

Hidden Dimensions of Human Experience

Philosophy of Fearism: A Primer

Art-Care Practices for Restoring the Communal

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