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The Permanent Emergency has been revoked! (April 1 False Flag Weekly News)

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Permanent Emergency

4) Senate Votes 68-23 to End Covid Emergency

5) Senate votes to repeal Iraq war authorizations 20 years after U.S. invasion

6) 9/11 and the COVID-19 Hoax in the Installation of Governance by “Emergency Measures”

Zionist Entity

7) Israeli troops, extremists storm al-Aqsa mosque, force out Muslim worshipers

8) Biden-Netanyahu spat bursts into full view

9) Admit It, American Jewish Establishment: Peter Beinart was right

West Asia

10) Iran, Syria condemn US attacks on Iran-linked facilities

11) Inside Saudi Arabia’s plan to take down Emirates and Qatar


12) Morocco Outperforms US to Become 4th Largest Blueberry Exporter Worldwide (“Tooting Morocco’s horn”)

13) Uganda looks to North Africa for a market for its milk

14) Kamala Harris, at Former Slave Port in Ghana, Ties Past to Present

14.5) West vs. East: the battle for influence in Africa

15) American aid worker held captive for more than 6 years in West Africa released, officials say

16) Randall Robinson, human rights activist and lawyer, has died at 81

War on Russia Through Ukraine

17) Putin and Xi Meet in Moscow, Rock the World—with Trade and Diplomacy, Not Bombs also in the new

18) UN rejects resolution on Nord Stream investigation

19) The Ukraine War Enters the 2024 US Presidential Election – Stage Right

20) This Week in Ukraine: Soldiers Storm Orthodox Monastery, Arrest Priest During Service, Cut Off Access to Sacred Caves, Close Three Orthodox Churches


21) Breaking: RFK, Jr. and CHD Sue Biden, Fauci for Alleged Censorship


22) Media Is Calling the F-to-M Trans School Shooter a Female

23) Media Calls For Moment Of Silence For Shooter Who Was Misgendered

24) ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ WILL go ahead at the Supreme Court despite Nashville school trans shooter Audrey Hale killing six in bloody rampage as Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account is suspended over post

Police Reports

25) Manhattan prosecutors secure grand jury indictment against Trump, thrusting nation into new turmoil  as Q Shaman released

26) Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says staff member ‘brutally attacked,’ sustained ‘life-threatening’ injuries

27) Second Republican New Jersey Councilman Fatally Shot

28) Vigil Held for Slain Councilwoman as F.B.I. Joins Hunt for Her Killer

29) From Boston to Detroit — why Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’ protests are galvanizing communities around the U.S.


30) Elon Musk and Others Call for Pause on A.I., Citing ‘Profound Risks to Society’

31) What The Pope Is Going On Here? Papal Puffer Pic Leaves People Perplexed.

32) Australian Company Makes Mammoth Meatball Using Actual Mammoth DNA

3 Thoughts to “The Permanent Emergency has been revoked! (April 1 False Flag Weekly News)”

  1. Arden Kirkman

    I really enjoyed the FFWN today with the “new” Kevin Barrett (Billali) joining you, Kevin He presented some stories that injected good and sensible and a positive slant, stories needing exposure. Thank you. Love his minimal lifestyle, too. One question, do the black tents in the desert stay cool inside in the daytime? Seems like they’d be hot, but maybe they are just the opposite. ?

    1. K. Barrett Bilali writeS: “Great comment.

      The answer: the black tents are made of goat hair. They keep the inside cool and are actually water repellent.”

  2. Al-Bayan Muhammad Burhan

    Ramadan mubark-After watching Min.Ish@NOI, I am asonished at what was kept secret from even a erudite man as yourself, Kevin(USA)! Most pleased to see where your path is leading- Shangri-la.

    Your doppelganger is perfect for the times.Thanks for the pleasantries and alhamduilah

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