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The Permanent Emergency has been revoked! (April 1 False Flag Weekly News)

Full uncensored FFWN normally posted above by noon Central time Saturdays. PSAs 1) Minimal living provides maximum joy 2) Thank you for supporting “Help FFWN Relocate and Become Sustainable” 3) Avoid the MSM trainwreck, watch FFWN! Permanent Emergency 4) Senate Votes 68-23 to End Covid Emergency 5) Senate votes to repeal Iraq war authorizations 20 years after U.S. invasion 6) 9/11 and the COVID-19 Hoax in the Installation of Governance by “Emergency Measures” Zionist Entity 7) Israeli troops, extremists storm al-Aqsa mosque, force out Muslim worshipers 8) Biden-Netanyahu spat bursts into full view…