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Barbara Honegger on NYT Conceding 1980 “October Surprise”

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Reagan-Bush White House whistleblower Barbara Honegger, author of the original October Surprise, discusses The New York Times’ belated admission that the “conspiracy theory” about how the 1980 Reagan campaign made a treasonous deal with Iran to keep the hostages locked up long enough to torpedo President Jimmy Carter’s candidacy…has, like so many conspiracy theories, turned out to be true. She writes:

Barbara Honegger is the author of the pioneering first book on the October Surprise.  The day it was published, May 12, 1989, then-President Bush Sr.’s Justice Dept. sued one of the sources for allegedly lying, literally making a federal case out of its claims which it then lost a year later when a federal jury in Portland, Oregon quickly found the source innocent on all 60 charges resulting in national headlines. In August 1988 Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) sponsored a press conference at the National Press Club featuring two speakers, myself on the October Surprise evidence and whistleblower Terry Reed on the Iran/Contra overt arms-and-drugs operation, attended by hundreds of national and international television and print journalists, so many that the panels on each side of the room had to be removed to expand the space. On Aug. 23, 1988, Barbara was interviewed in C-Span’s Washington studio on the October Surprise On Dec. 17, 1992, she held yet another  press conference at the National Press Club by the Association of National Security Alumni rebutting, with full distributed documentation, the then just released Senate October Surprise Report (released before the House October Surprise Task Force Report) immediately following which gave requested under oath testimony to the House October Surprise Task Force. The timing of the event and Barbara’s testimony was coordinated with the former President of Iran Abolhassan Bani Sadr whose documentation was delivered to the Task Force the same day. In addition to Barbara’s book October Surprise and Gary Sick’s by the same title published 2-1/2 years later and Robert Parry’s Trick or Treason: The October Surprise Mystery published after Sick’s– other important books on the topic are Ari ben Menasche’s Profits of War from inside the Israeli IDF; Bani Sadr’s My Turn to Speak; and, most recently, Chapter 24 in Pulitzer Prize winning historian Kai Bird’s recent biography of President Carter The Outlier.

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