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Riots in Iran: Another CIA Coup Attempt?

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

When the CIA overthrew the democratically-elected Mossadegh government in 1953, it brought rent-a-mobs into the streets of Tehran to provide cover for the coup. As I said two years ago reviewing films and books offering new information about the 1953 events:

And we learned in the book The Coup that the gangsters of south Tehran—the two leading gangsters were nicknamed Icy Ramadan and Brainless Shaban—these thugs were paid vast amounts of money by the US and British intelligence agencies to organize fake protests to pay gangsters and mobsters to come out into the streets and raise hell, commit violence and terrorize people and give the impression that there was some sort of uprising. And then this was cover for the actual coup d’etat which was running on vast piles of money being spent by the intelligence agencies.

The riots that broke out in Iran last week were the latest iteration of the CIA’s rent-a-mob coup strategy. As Press TV reports:

“Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has warned against violent street protests and rioting that erupted following the death of a young woman, last Friday. In a statement, the ministry called the people’s participation in such gatherings illegal, saying that could result in judicial prosecution. Earlier, the Health Ministry said the protests in several cities have disrupted emergency services. It said over 60 ambulances were destroyed or damaged by rioters, describing the attacks as inhumane. Street violence sparked after a 22-year-old woman died in hospital, days after being detained by police. Footages show rioters blocking streets and vandalizing public property as well as police vehicles and ambulances. At least two security personnel were also killed while trying to confront the rioters.”

When the CIA doesn’t like a foreign government—usually because that government stands up for its own people rather than taking orders from Western bankers—it tries to overthrow that government using classic destabilization techniques. Stoking violent conflict in the targeted country is one of the first options.

The US informally declared war on Russia in 2014 by bringing paid and/or brainwashed mobs into the streets of Kiev, then sending Special Forces snipers to fire on both sides, leading each side to blame the other. The exact same technique was used to incite the Syrian civil war in 2011.

Today, rather than just paying off the local mobsters, the CIA uses its stranglehold over social media to brainwash naive young people and goad them into the streets. The CIA’s failed Alexey Navalny movement in Russia almost entirely consists of teenagers and even pre-teens manipulated by tried-and-tested brainwashing algorithms to view Navalny as a teenybopper idol rock star.

The CIA spends billions of US taxpayer dollars to beam socially destructive propanganda, including massive doses of hardcore pornography, at Iranians. The Iranian diaspora communities in Los Angeles and elsewhere have been weaponized by CIA money and turned into decadent enclaves of treasonous snakes willing to work with the world’s most evil institutions against their own country.

Ultimately, Iran and other nations with relatively honest governments will not be free of this kind of incessant meddling-in-service-to-mayhem until the neocon-dominated USA finally collapses under the weight of its own hubris.


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