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FFWN: BREAKING! World War III Hasn’t QUITE Happened Yet

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This week’s guest commentator: J. Michael Springmann


1) Help FFWN Stave off World War III, I Mean Bankruptcy, for at Least One More Week

SMO Ends, War Begins?

2) Russia to begin partial mobilization – Putin

3) “This Is Not a Bluff”: Putin Ready to Use Nukes to Defend Russia

4) Text of Putin’s Mobilization Speech

5) “Russia drafts anti-war protesters into military” shrieks CNN

6) Brainwashed for War With Russia (Ray McGovern)

7) Russia will mobilize about 1.2% of her mobilizational potential


9) A “red line” in innocent blood: US M777 howitzers massacre civilians in Donetsk

10) Zelensky and NATO plan to transform post-war Ukraine into ‘a big Israel’

11) Nearly 90 Percent of the World Isn’t Following Us on Ukraine

War on China

12) Chomsky and Ellsberg: Why Is Biden Risking Nuclear War With China?

13) There’s Little More Washington Can Do To Convince China To Invade Taiwan

COVID Coverups

14) Rand Paul: COVID Lab Origin is the biggest coverup in the history of science

15) Global Excess Mortality Rates — Where’s the Investigation?

16) mRNA Covid shots for kids are dead

Collapsing the Economy

17) Why Is the Federal Reserve Collapsing the Economy?

18) The Odds of a Bad Outcome are Rising

Crimes Against Humanity

19) Raeisi calls for prosecution of Trump over Gen. Soleimani’s assassination

20) Riots in Iran: Another CIA Coup Attempt?

21) New evidence emerges showing Israel deliberately targeted Shireen Abu Akleh as family files ICC complaint

22) Killing of teenage Iraqi girl exposes western double standards

Zionist Entity

23) 9/11 Perp Netanyahu poised to lead most rightwing government in Israeli history

24) The Sordid Union Between (Israeli) Intelligence and Organized Crime (Mercola on Whitney Webb’s book)


25) Piers Robinson: Deafening Silences: propaganda through censorship smearing and coercion

26) USA Today Publishes Pro-Antifa Puff Piece

27) Transgender Surgery- Common Sense and Decency are Needed! Big business: the advertising lobbying and the experimental surgeries/procedures must stop.

War on Trump

28) DOJ can resume criminal probe of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago appeals court says

29) New York Attorney General Letitia James sues Trump and The Trump Organization seeking end to their business in the state and $250 million in relief

Cosmic vs. Phantom vs. NyQuil: “Tastes Like Chicken!”

30) ‘Cosmic’ and ‘phantom’ UFOs are all over Ukraine’s skies government report claims

31) FDA Warns Against Using NyQuil As A Chicken Marinade

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