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Shaykh Omar Baloch and Zeshan Shahbaz Discuss Islam, COVID & Great Reset

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Shaykh Omar Baloch and Zeshan Shahbaz break down COVID-19 and the Great Reset from an Islamic perspective. Shaykh Omar Baloch was born and raised in Chicago where he served as an imam. He studied the Islamic sciences at Al-Azhar University and studied under the scholars of Tanzime Islami in Pakistan. He currently works full time in Islamic work in the field of Dawah & Counseling. Zeshan Shahbaz is a researcher, speaker and intellectual activist. He co-founded The Ummah Times: Decolonizing Minds platform where it facilitates bold discussions and analysis on how to improve the state of the Ummah and rest of humanity.

Note: The guest Mr. Zeshan, when speaking on Jenner and vaccinations, meant to say both Phipps and Jenner’s son who was also one of Jenner’s subjects, died of tuberculosis before they reached the age of 22.

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