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Shaykh Omar Baloch and Zeshan Shahbaz on COVID & Great Reset; Homer Van Meter on the Man Who Was Kicked Out of the Church of Satan for Being Too Evil

First hour: Shaykh Omar Baloch and Zeshan Shabaz break down COVID-19 and the Great Reset from an Islamic perspective. Shaykh Omar Baloch was born and raised in Chicago where he served as an imam. He studied the Islamic sciences at Al-Azhar University and studied under the scholars of Tanzime Islami in Pakistan. He currently works full time in Islamic work in the field of Dawah & Counseling. Zeshan Shahbaz is a researcher, speaker and intellectual activist. He co-founded The Ummah Times: Decolonizing Minds platform where it facilitates bold discussions and analysis on how to improve the state of the Ummah and rest of humanity.

Second hour: Homer Van Meter, author and nemisis of ritual-human-sacrificing satanists, returns to reveal new information on Col. Michael Aquino, whose claim to fame is having been kicked out of the Church of Satan for being too evil. A psy-ops specialist who was prosecuted for performing horrific trauma-based mind control experiments (involving sexual abuse) on children at the Presidio Day Care Center in San Francisco, Aquino was rewarded for his alleged child-rape crimes with a promotion to head all US military psychological operations. Homer Van Meter says Aquino was the eminence grise behind the Sonoma County human sacrifice cult whose attempted ritual murder he disrupted.


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