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Discussing “War on Islamic Iran” with Press TV & Richie Allen

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First five minutes: Today’s (July 7) Press TV monologue on US-Israeli economic warfare against Iran. Excerpt:

“So, ultimately what we are facing is a situation in which, Israel—which greatly increased its power over the US after it was the key player in the September 11, 2001, coup d’etat featuring the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center—has realized that its whole plan, which was to radically reshape the region to its own benefit by taking out seven countries in five years, the seventh and most important being Iran, has run up into a dead end. They can’t stop Iran. They can’t get rid of the Islamic Republic. They can’t get their regime change, and they can’t even completely destroy Iran’s economy, because the resistance economy has continued to function under atrocious conditions,” he stated.

“So, Foreign Minister Zarif seems to think that at some point in the not too distant future, the Israelis will lose their project. This is an Israeli project after all. The only reason that the US is hostile to Iran is because Israel sees Iran as a threat. Why is that? Because Iran tells the truth about the genocide of Palestine and supports the Palestinian resistance to that genocide.”

Final 50 minutes: Richie Allen interviews me on Iran, Islam, BLM, Israel, and other topics.

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