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Walt Gragg on Apocalyptic Mideast War Novel “The Chosen One”

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Novelist Walt Gragg just published The Chosen Onea new apocalyptic Mideast war novel. It envisions a US war against a self-styled Mahdi’s military attempt to unite the Arab world under an Islamic theocracy.

Gragg’s take on Islamic eschatology is, to say the least, problematic:

“For fourteen hundred years the prophecy had remained unfulfilled. Islam had yet to complete its conquest. Each day two billion voices prayed for Allah to give them a sign. Each evening they searched the heavens for the Mahdi’s arrival. At last their prayers had been answered…their guide, the Chosen One, had shown himself. The time had come for Islam to conquer. The time had come for the world to end.” (p.51) (If only all two billion Muslims on earth really were that fervent in their prayers for the Mahdi to come and help the one and only true Messiah, Jesus Christ, establish peace, truth, and justice!)

Gragg’s “Mahdi” tells an interviewer: “I’m the one who Allah, in his infinite wisdom, has selected to destroy the nonbelievers. I’m the one the prophecy foretold would lead Islam in its conquest of the world and to prepare the pious for the end of time.” (That’s only slightly better than the anthrax letters’ “Death to America. Death to Israel. Allah is great”—which as Graeme MacQueen writes  “is as if someone had tried to frame Native Americans for the crime by inserting a note in the letters, ‘White man in heap big trouble.’)

The interviewer asks whether the term “nonbelievers” includes Christians. The “Mahdi” says “Christians are also considered nonbelievers by those who love the sacred teachings of the Qur’an…it’s not just Christians, Miss Wells. Unbelievers also include all non-Islamic religions and those Arabs whose belief in Islam is not as it should be.”

So Gragg’s “Mahdi” plans to kill everyone who doesn’t agree with his bizarre ideas. He sounds like a Takfiri-Wahhabi…a tiny, inconsequential, heretical sect that would not even exist today if it hadn’t been massively funded and weaponized by the British and later the Americans and Zionists. (ISIS, of course, was created at Camp Bucca as part of a US-Zionist psy-op against Islam.)

In fact, all Islamic authorities agree that the Mahdi will return to defeat Antichrist (Dajjal) and help Jesus Christ establish peace, truth, and justice on Earth. But good luck interesting a US publisher in a war novel truthfully depicting such things. The military novel reading public probably isn’t ready for a book explaining “we’ve met the Antichrist and he is US!”

A retired attorney and former state prosecutor, Walt Gragg is a Vietnam veteran who served at United States European Headquarters in Germany, where the idea for his first novel The Red Line took shape.

4 Thoughts to “Walt Gragg on Apocalyptic Mideast War Novel “The Chosen One””

  1. Maisoon

    Here we go again, just another ignorant American presenting another ANTI ISLAM take and hiding behind his Oh I am not attacking Islam’ garbage. I certainly would never ever take the views of an EX American Military man who has already been indoctrinated by his own Government’s politics and programmed as such.
    He says he meant no offence but that is precisely what he has done- his ‘military novel’ is tantamount to all those Military approved Video Games on the wars in the Middle East such as in Iraq, where the player gets top points for every ‘Mahslim’ he succeeds in shooting or blowing up, setting on fire, torturing or raping. Or those Hollywwod Movies depicting American War Criminal Soldiers as ‘Heroes’
    Mr Gragg would do better to write books on ALL the WAR CRIMES that his own fundamentalist fanatical American Governments [run by Jewish and Christian Zionists ‘doing God’s work, having been chosen by their god, have inflicted on millions of innocent souls around the world but especially in the Middle East where America and Israel/UK have Holocausted over 27 million Muslim and Christian Arabs, Afghanis since 9/11, before that over 3million in North Korea, millions in Vietnam where HE Served, in Indonesia where their CIA assisted in killing over 1.5 million, and their Crimes against Humanity throughout Africa such as in Rwanda[again around 2-3 million slaughtered by their own paid goons] with their military bases and Chemical biological Labs spreading throughout that continent, and then you had the Bosnia/Serbia war they created, and the one in Ukraine all of which cost the lives of more millions of innocent people on both sides. Of course we must never ever forget or leave out the terrible war crimes and violent Coups carried out in Latin America courtesy of USA and Israel[which is heavily involved there]
    One thing I have learnt over the decades is NEVER to believe America’s version on Wars Coups and War Crimes and their foul understanding of Islam and the Middle East which is on fire today because of Jewish and Israeli occupation of the United States and UK for that matter amongst other Western countries like the EU,Canada and Australia. All Wars for Israel and Jewish economic and political interests for which millions of Arabs have been butchered and Islam been demonised by the FAKE Muslim Terrorists ISIS and AL Qaeda that both Israel’s Mossad and US’s CIA CREATED, recruited, armed, trained and partly funded by the Judeo Zionist Arab Tribes of Saud, Al Khalifa and Al Thani where American Bases are rife and used to send out WMDS to kill many many more mostly Muslim Arabs and where they hope to attack Iran from.
    America’s Zio Neocon ‘religious’ Fundamentalists have not had a belly full of Muslim blood as yet and their Leaders ‘chosen by their god, such as Trump needs to fulfil his religious fervour. But I guess Mr Gragg would never write about their twisted Judeo and Christian Zionist ‘prophesies as some Rabbis in Israel believe Kushner is their new Moshiach and Trump their latest King Cyrus!

    But hey ho, continue the ISLAM bashing Mr Gragg and feed your already hate filled military men the usual distorted understanding of Islam and its Prophesies and re write history according to the American spoofed by Israel.

    For me the Anti Christ is here in the form of the Israeli Entity and all its avowed followers. According to Islamic and Christian Prophesies, the Anti Christ will be a Jew.- THAT IS God’s word and warning whether you like it or not.
    Only GOD ALONE will decide the time for the coming of the Muslim Mahdi who will assist Jesus Christ, PBUH, upon his return which again will be decided BY GOD, not by Evangelical Rapture Armageddon Lunatics or the Jews in Israel they help.
    The Muslim Mahdi will assist the ‘Christian’ Jesus Christ PBUH, to defeat the Jewish Anti Christ and finally bring peace truth and Justice to our war torn and cruel intolerant unloving world

  2. Maisoon

    An honourable soldier is one who fights on his own soil, protecting his loved ones, his family and friends, fighting for their very survival as a nation and people, fighting for justice and their freedom from outside tyranny just as the brave soldiers in Syria have been doing in a cruel war [and the same for the Yemeni Soldiers] inflicted on them by America/UK for and on behalf of Israel Those are true soldiers in their own country defending their Nation. American and British soldiers are not honourable at al- they in fact are a Private Army serving their Judeo Zionist Government and its Military Industrial Complex, it Cult Corporations and Banksters outside of American soil, in far away countries they have no right or business being there, bombing their people to hell, invading, occupying Regime Changing and stealing other countries rich resources, leaving a dreadful trail of death and destruction- Holocausting foreign nations is not a Honourable venture for a ‘patriotic’ Soldier because YOU are the aggressor, the perpetrator, the invader, Coloniser and Occupier. And so in reality your so called Patriotic American soldiers are serving and dying for a Private Cult and not for American people at all.
    Ask yourself this- Are their deaths really worth the needless price they pay for their own leaders treasonous deception,lies, and manipulation of political and religious facts?? Lives wasted and torn from their families because of all these political lies, propaganda and subterfuge that is treasonous in nature and execution.
    Seeking political power and domination across the Globe is NOT a patriotic or righteous ‘Godly’ duty but is a raw cruel violent aggression against the millions that never did America any harm.
    Americans were lied to about 9/11 just as Brits were with the07/07 bombings and those in Europe. Has the price in millions of dead Muslims and Arabs really given you the satisfaction of ‘revenge’ you sought on all those ‘towelheads’,’ragheads’ thousands of miles away??

    Those American and UK soldiers in fact are SERVING, killing, committing war crimes and and dying for the real Aggressors [your enemy within] that carried out all these terrorist attacks and all these infamous Wars that will only benefit one Colonialist empire and that is Eretz Israeli empire with its Noahide Laws enforced upon the Gentile Peoples of the World.
    Such a tragic waste of Life, Humanity and for what- Man’s inhumanity to Man that only serves a minority Cult hungry for world power.
    Truly question your consciences and free yourself from the political propaganda that has infected your minds, brainwashing and programming you all. The Islamic world is NOT your Enemy and never was but America under Israeli occupation has sadly proven to be the enemy of the entire Middle east and to Islam which is reflected it seems in this ‘military ‘ that will impact on the prejudices of more ignorant gung ho ‘let’s kick ass’ American soldiers. There is a Reason why so many Soldiers are committing suicide- they just cannot live with what their Leadership ordered them to do- crimes that pricks your conscience and eat into your soul like an unrelenting nightmare!

  3. Amin Abdullah

    Don’t get bent out of shape Maisoon. And no, it is not ignorance, it is a deliberate choice. Most people nowadays are so BS, they have nothing to cling to, to keep them going but their lies. Let them enjoy their retirement pensions, their petty suburban lives and their relative comfort : that is their god. They made their choice.

    وَإِذَا قِيلَ لَهُمْ لَا تُفْسِدُوا فِي الْأَرْضِ قَالُوا إِنَّمَا نَحْنُ مُصْلِحُونَ
    أَلَا إِنَّهُمْ هُمُ الْمُفْسِدُونَ وَلَٰكِن لَّا يَشْعُرُونَ

    Quran [002:11-12] : “And when they are told, “Do not spread corruption on earth, they answer, “We are but improving things!”.
    Oh, verily, it is they, they who are spreading corruption but they perceive it not ?.” (as translated by ‘Mohammad Asad’)

  4. maisoon

    I don’t get ‘bent out of shape’
    I speak and write as I see it

    And yes most people are full of BS, living in their comatosed insular world, oblivious to the suffering of others just like Americans and Brits who have absolutely no idea what their Governments are doing to other Nations abroad all in the name of the phoney Western democracy and ‘values, basing their hatred and intolerance of others on the Zio term Clash of civilisation’ which is ironic in some respects because their supposed religious ‘Christian values came from MY part of the world, form my Ancestral Palestine from whence Christianity was given birth to, where Jesus Christ PBUH was born and where ancient Arabs [Assyrians, Philistines etc were in fact the First [NOT Europeans but my people] to accept the New Church of Christ.
    Indeed his ‘ignorance is intentional preaching to the those who are truly ignorant easily duped and brainwashed by the prejudices and indoctrination of such people who falsely and dishonestly deceive the ignorant by posing as military, political or religious experts but whose knowledge is so far removed from the reality and Truth itself.
    Too many Muslims and Arabs sadly are taken in by Western Indoctrination, programming and vile prejudices, deceived by Western “democratic ‘ institutions that are as PHONEY as their Countries’ Elected Leadership who are spreading their racism and hatred along with their ‘corruption’ which they ‘perceive it not’

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