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Michael Brenner on “Unprecedented” Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

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International Affairs professor Michael Brenner says the Jeffrey Epstein scandal is “unprecedented” in US history. Never before, he says, has such a broad cross-section of the top-tier American elite been implicated in such serious crimes over such a long period (since the early 1990s)—crimes that were committed almost openly, in full public view, with astounding brazenness.

Michael Brenner’s email that elicited this interview:

“Permit me to call your attention to a ‘MUST READ’ story in today’s paper that illustrates how far the multiform corruption of American institutions has spread. It concerns Prof Joichi ITO , Director of the prestigious M.I.T. Media Lab who was friend, house guest and recipient of generous largess from Jeffrey Epstein who both gave considerable sums to the Lab and invested in a number of Ito’s personal start-up ventures. Described as a fantastic ‘networker’ and ‘fundraiser,’ Ito admits having staying at a few of Epstein’s residences but denies any knowledge of the criminal activities conducted there. This relationship transpired years after Epstein’s 2006 conviction. Ito dropped out or flunked out of 3 doctoral programs here and in Japan before receiving a degree by correspondence from back of a matchbook school in Japan last year.

“By the way, ITO sits on the Board of The New York Times Company.

“M.I.T. authorities lied publicly in denying to Reuters any association with Epstein in 2015, and then violated its pledge to have nothing to do with him in the future.”

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