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Israel’s aggression against Lebanon: Kevin Barrett vs. Lee Kaplan

Press TV Debate featuring Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Is Israel, which just attacked three of its neighbors within 24 hours, just a poor put-upon peace-loving nation that everybody hates for no reason at all? That’s the Lee Kaplan version of reality.

In his latest Press TV Debate, Lee Kaplan says he can’t hear the questions. But his responses are exactly the same as in the many Debates in which he does hear the questions. He just keeps repeating “poor innocent little Israel, always attacked by big bad neighbors who hate the Jews.” That’s pretty much the whole extent of his repertoire.

Lee Kaplan, like Israel, is deaf to the voice of the Other. He only hears his own voice. When someone else speaks, to him it is just garbled noise…and probably anti-Semitic too.

Everyone knows that the Zionists are in love with the sound of their own loud, pushy, obnoxious voices, and that when anyone challenges them, they unite in a chorus of ad-hominem vituperation meant to drown out and silence the voice of the Other. Their response to a different viewpoint is to stick their fingers in their ears and chant “la la la we can’t hear you, you horrible anti-Semite, and we’re going to make sure nobody else can hear you either!”

Inviting Lee Kaplan, or any hardcore Zionist, to discuss, debate, or dialogue on anything relating to Zionism is a fool’s errand.


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