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Michael Brenner on “Unprecedented” Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

Listen HERE International Affairs professor Michael Brenner says the Jeffrey Epstein scandal is “unprecedented” in US history. Never before, he says, has such a broad cross-section of the top-tier American elite been implicated in such serious crimes over such a long period (since the early 1990s)—crimes that were committed almost openly, in full public view, with astounding brazenness. Michael Brenner’s email that elicited this interview: “Permit me to call your attention to a ‘MUST READ’ story in today’s paper that illustrates how far the multiform corruption of American institutions has spread. It concerns Prof Joichi ITO , Director of the prestigious…


Christopher Fulton on His ordeal with JFK Assassination Evidence

Listen HERE Christopher Fulton‘s The Inheritance: Poisoned Fruit of JFK’s Assassination recounts how, after the death of JFK’s personal secretary Evelyn Lincoln in 1995, JFK assassination evidence collected by Robert Kennedy and passed to Evelyn Lincoln for safekeeping fell into his hands…upending his understanding of history, and his life. Did Fulton serve eight years in federal prison for the crime of getting JFK assassination evidence into the hands of JFK Jr.? And was it just a coincidence that JFK Jr.’s plane went down shortly thereafter, removing an all-but-annointed future president who was clearly planning to pursue truth and justice regarding the murders…