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Joel Skousen on prepping for the New World Order; Mujahid Kamran on “Terrorism and the United States of America”

Broadcast live Friday March 2, 8 to 10 pm Eastern at Revolution.Radio then archived HERE

First hour: Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief is a noted current events commentator and New World Order analyst, as well as an expert on strategic relocation and prepping. (His uncle, Professor Cleon Skousen, was a pioneer of NWO studies, and is cited in Mujahid Kamran’s new article “Terrorism and the United States of America.”)

Second hour: Speaking of which, let’s bring on Dr. Kamran himself to comment on that brilliant article—and on the pressures brought to bear on academicians who study and discuss such taboo subjects.

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3 Thoughts to “Joel Skousen on prepping for the New World Order; Mujahid Kamran on “Terrorism and the United States of America””

  1. Cat McGuire

    Skousen was great. Very insightful ideas to think about. I can buy that Israel is not at the top of the pyramid, just a pawn/puppet like the US military industrial complex. That it’s all about the globalists. OK, so if he tells us Kissinger is the point man, then who *are* the globalists!?!? I imagine we can presume the Rothschilds, but who else?!?!? Presumably banksters, but who?!?!? I wish he had said that missing piece/800 pound gorilla in the room.

  2. Kevin Barrett

    Joel Skousen answers: “Who is at the top of the globalist conspiracy is the biggest and best kept secret in the world. Only the high level public conspirators like Kissinger, Brezinski, Soros, etc knew who the are and they aren’t telling—it would amount to a death sentence. It’s not the bankers, who simply work for the globalist hierarchy to provide funding for all the secret operations. In point of fact, it’s not necessary to know who is on top. We wouldn’t be able to prosecute them anyway, as they control the surveillance machinery that would be necessary to provide proof of the interaction with gov. officials and hit men. And even if we had proof, the courts would never prosecute as they are controlled at the top levels as well. It’s only important to recognize when and how they are operating through government policies.”

    1. Cat McGuire

      Actually I would disagree. Not knowing the “man behind the curtain” gives them undue power. Shining a light on their names, faces, families, friends, and collaborators is a very powerful tool for reducing their omnipotence.

      Through my quantum activism work, I know that thoughts are things. If millions of people focused very specifically on these thugs by naming them, seeing their faces, and visualizing their overthrow, that manifesting energy would go a long way toward inducing their demise..

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