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Author and journalist Geraldine Perry: Mainstream “climate change” theories are wrong—and usury is killing the planet

Is carbon from fossil fuel emissions really the biggest environmental threat? Geraldine Perry says no. She argues that harmful climate change, as well as other forms of environmental degradation, are being driven mainly by bad land use policies—beginning with big agriculture strip-mining the soil. And those polices, indeed most harmful human impacts on the environment, are the product of our usury-based economy, in which every dollar is created by being lent into existence, at interest, by a privately-owned banking cartel. The destructive extraction that is killing the planet stems from the endless mad, futile scramble to try to pay back exponentially increasing, mathematically unpayable debt. Since usury money increases exponentially, while real wealth and the real world that produces it cannot, we are looting and killing the earth in order to transfer all wealth and power to a handful of trillionaire banking familes. That’s pretty much what “modern civilization” is all about.

In this interview we also touch on 9/11 truth, chemtrails, and other “forbidden” subjects.

Geri Perry, author of Climate Change, Land Use, and Monetary Policy: The New Trifecta, writes: 

“Here are the urls I mentioned.

“The first is to a series of articles by Cory Morningstar, dissecting the manner in which what she calls “industrial capitalism wedded to investment capital” influences our perceptions, beliefs and actions concerning climate change:

“The second is a link to a page I wrote expanding on the “parity for agriculture” concept I introduced in Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy. This page describes what I will call “people’s capitalism” as envisioned by the founding generation and which stands a good chance of turning climate change around by returning small farmers (and other small raw materials producers) to the land. Note that debt-based money systems simply can not be part of this equation: “

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