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Peter Koenig says Venezuelan Petro could change the world; Jim Fetzer responds to YouTube censorship

Mainstream media tell us that the Venezuelan Petro, a new crypto-currency backed by the world’s biggest oil reserves, can’t possibly work. Likewise, the MSM tell us that people asking questions about the Parkland shooting (and before that Charlottesville, Las Vegas, Orlando, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Boston, etc. etc. all the way back to 9/11) are “conspiracy theorists” who should be ignored or censored.

Is the MSM right? We can’t judge unless we hear both sides of the story. But the self-appointed censors and doyens of the dominant discourse don’t want you to even hear the perspectives aired on today’s show!

First hour: Whistleblowing former World Bank economist Peter Koenig explains what’s behind the “currency wars,” the latest salvo of which is Venezuela’s launch of its new Petro crypto-currency. Peter says that not only can the Petro work, it will likely inspire a flurry of new resource-backed crypto-currencies…the ultimate example of which would be an Islamic Dinar backed by the Muslim world’s oil and gas as well as the gold those resources can bring.

Second hour: University of Minnesota-Duluth Professor Emeritus James Fetzer is currently at the center of a YouTube censorship storm. According to a recent report: “Natural News has learned that YouTube is hunting down and terminating all users and videos that mention ‘Jim Fetzer,’ the author of that controversial book about the Sandy Hook shootingwhich claims that the entire thing was staged as a gun control stunt. Several content creators who post videos to YouTube have told me today that all their videos mentioning Jim Fetzer are being deleted and ‘strikes’ are being issued against their YouTube accounts.” 

I don’t always agree with Jim’s claims about “crisis actors” and fake deaths in alleged Gladio B false flags. I even did some research and (tentatively) debunked one such claim.  But when YouTube refuses to allow you to make up your own mind, and instead tries to suppress Jim Fetzer’s work on a massive scale, it’s obvious that something has gone very, very wrong in America. Since Google and YouTube have de facto monopolies, they need to respect the First Amendment! (Or better yet, they should be seized via eminent domain and operated as public utilities under absolute First Amendment protection.)

If anyone feels libeled by Jim’s words, they should sue him, not pressure YouTube to censor him. Those who censor, thereby shredding the Constitution, merely enhance the credibility of the voices they seek to silence.

Here are links to two censored Jim Fetzer items:

And here is one that’s still up, recommended by Jim:

Expert Asks Questions about Florida Shooting – YouTube

One Thought to “Peter Koenig says Venezuelan Petro could change the world; Jim Fetzer responds to YouTube censorship”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    It is not about Jim Fetzer’s only. The recent YouTube email I received reads :

    “Your video “The Ultimate Crisis Actor For Hire (Harrison Hanks).” was flagged for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines. We’ve removed it from YouTube and assigned a Community Guidelines strike, or temporary penalty, to your account.”

    It was a funny 3mns10s video that I re-uploaded. It makes fun of the crisis actors phenomenon and in the process definitely might arouse the suspicion of those who were not already aware of the fakeness springing from the eyes of those conscious-less parasites paraded on TV non-stop lately.

    There is a recent podcast with Sofia Smallstorm where she – and the other participants – made some good points regarding the phenomenon of staged shootings etc and it might indeed be about broader issues than just ‘gun control’ alone.

    You might find it interesting, Kevin, unless it gets banned before you check it out :

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